23 Headshot

23 (Elias Murphey)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 23- His number in the lab which he refused to go by anything other than (for SOME reason)

Elias- The Lord is my God (He chose this for school)

Murphey- Sea Warrior

TYPE: Aria MirthraLOIDS

Demphsey Gillie- Technical Guardian

Tilly Roni- Technical Guardian/ only fear

Basil Murphey- Younger brother figure/fellow experiment

Lumina Victore- 'That girl I live with'

Tegid Madoxx- Another girl he lives with/serious bother

WEIGHT 125 lbs or around 55 kg CHARACTER ITEM War-hammer CREATOR Valkyrie/Rhen14
HEIGHT 5'5" or 165 cm VOICE SOURCE Valkyrie/Rhen14 PICTURE LINK LIST



Cigarettes, not dying, Basil (to a degree), Dem (at a point)



RELEASE DATE - DISLIKES The world, particularly Lumina and Tegid, bugs, sweets, meat, and ghosts SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: 23 doesn't care about anything. At all. the only thing he cares about is getting a smoke from Dem and not dying. And keeping Basil from getting hurt, but that comes last on his list of priorities.


23 was one of the 23 stolen male children to be used for human-metal-cyborg type experiments. He was the last to be takena nd comes from German heritage. He was also one of the only two that worked in the end, the other being Basil. Eventually he left Basil to go his own way, only to find him again years later when he broke into the house and found Tegid attempting to kidnap Basil (and accidentally stopping this because she thought he was Basil).

Dem got him into smoking when he blew cigarette smoke in his face in an attempt to get him to leave him alone. Needless to say it didn't work.

History can be changed to sing different songs

Other Information:

23 and Basil are not related by blood even though they look like twins. This was all just an irony that results in 23's two nicknames: 'The other Murphey' or 'Basil clone'

The original theory was Basil Mitosis, which is impossible but still something Dem spilled out of his head.

As far as vocals go, 23 is the lower Basil with a larger range (eerily enough).

23 is afraid of Tilly because of what seemed to be a phantom possesion experience, where she stared at him deeply then made odd noises. Since then he can't be atround her along or he becomes very scared and stops working.

He is also terrified of bugs, thinking that they are disgusting and disturbing.

He's also made of Tsundere


The nickname 'Basil Clone' is quite literal, as in a basis he is a mirror image of basil with a different color scheme.

His hair is parted to (his) right (viewers left) and is light blonde in color. His skin is a light creamy color and he has blue eyes. He has three freckles at the corner of each eye and has one piercing in each ear (thick silver hoops) . He is also slightly thinner than Basil is.

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