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Kitai Hakken before her death

39-7-2LVE was created by Manami Riko. 


AGE: 13 


DEBUT: December 7, 2012

LANGUAGE: Japanese, English

Born as Kitai Hakken, she is American on her mom's side and Japanese on her dad's. When she was 11 years old, she was kidnapped and killed. Two years later, she was resurrected as the android 39-7-LVE.  She is unable to remember anything about her parents or her life before becoming an android, and she searches every day to find answers. Sometimes though, the search is futile and she cries over her loss, using that as inspiration to sing, writing songs about her life before. Depressed and alone because of this, she wishes that she wasn't brought back, but with the help of her friends Nolae Chuwi , ไอศครีม, FK593DIE, and Kesume Metai, she finds the strength to keep going and the reason to live.

Her dream in life, other than finding the secrets to her life as a human, is to be a singer just like Miku, and to be treated normally, despite having a past life. She knows how to speak English, but some words aren't as clear as others. Nobody knows how she became an android in the first place, but not a lot of people care about that fact. Her item is watermelon and she dislikes octopus. She has an unknown hatred for Lola.




  • Before she died, she was a very fast reader
  • When she's not wearing her usual blue and white dress, she loves wearing a kimono
  • Her favourite fashion accessory are large bows. One of the bows that she wears contains a recording device

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