WEIGHT 0.69 mg CHARACTER ITEM a watch filled with drugs or drugs only(alcohol too) CREATOR aicccce
HEIGHT 1 m VOICE SOURCE aicccce PICTURE LINK LIST Her newer designHer older design
BIRTHDAY April 20 LIKES Alcohol,Drugs,Friends,To annoy people,Drama and Tea MEDIA LIST TBA
RELEASE DATE ??? DISLIKES Apple pies,Cigarettes and Sweets SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: She's very hyperactive and annoying when around (very close friends). Otherwise she's really cheeky and kinda rude.

DERE: Yangire/Tsundere mix.


RELATED CHARACTERS: Kiki Sagawa (boyfriend), Aino Erufu(friend) , EveRett (friend/s) , Iride (friend) , Kanmi Gimanteki (friend)


*To get any of her voicebanks you either have to send me a deviantArt note or an e-mail ( DeviantArt>Twitter>E-mail) with the voicebank you want to have.

*If you do so then you have automatically agreed to

  • not use her in any illegal way.
  • not use her in any commercial way without my permission.
  • not claim her as your own.
  • give credit/tag her in any works you do featuring her.


  • aica (*normal /3.0)

^^^ This is her normal CV bank.No flags needed. *Romaji and Hiragana

  • aice*fin //

^^^ This is her finnish CV+ bank. g-15 flag needed. *Romaji only

  • aice*wtß //scrapped

^^^ This is her growl(ish) CV bank. g-15 flag needed. *Romaji and Hiragana

  • aice*rauscheffekt // scrapped

^^^ This is her whisperish/noisy voicebank. g-15 flag needed. *Romaji and Hiragana

  • aice*vcvß (2 pitches and 1 append)

^^^ This is her normal VCV bank. g-15 flag needed. *Hiragana oto wip /Romaji oto completed

ATTENTION!! This is still a wip page. More Designs/Voicesamples will be added asap.

Thank you for reading!~


DeviantArt: aicccce$$$ E-mail:


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