Name: AIO Kokone

Age: 15

Likes: Weapons, Lasers, TNT, Technology,Cereal,Clay Vases, Cookies and Sweets

Dislikes: Twizlers, Facebook, MySpace, Having sad stuff brought up in conversation, ironic destruction, Green Lantern

Hails From: Haiti/America/Turkey

Avaliable Voicebanks: C+VCV, C+CV4x

Synth: Utau, Cray-E-Ware Engine, Mi4x Mixing Studio.

Backgrounder (1)

■Vocal Description■ Rough and yet calm voice, with G-Flags to lower his voice, since the voice actors(この西湖) voice is quite high despite the fact that Lenei(the voice actor) is a male. But C+CV4X is going to get a update where the engine automatically adds the G-Flags to a Voicebanks.

Personality: AIO is a quite athletic bot, since he was built on a 1000MBP frame, so he has the most energy out of his whole family, since all of his family are nano-beings(bots). Especially considering that the youngest child in the family(Red Riding Kokone) only runs on a 39MBP.

Creator: Kaboomswag(LeneiLenovo)

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