Kotone Akihiro

(Kanji: 琴音明宏 Kotone Akihiro ), (Original/French Name: Constantine Joël La France)


明宏 (Akihiro) - Bright and Large, 琴音 (Kotone) - Sound of a Harp

TYPE: Obakeyashi Crew Member ( UTAUloid )

Kotone Yoshio

(Older brother)

Kotone Sachiko

(Little sister)  

Tarumi Kazuhiko

(Best friend)    

Nagumo Takuo

 (Best Friend)     


 (Pet Tiger) 

AGE 19 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE ( None Yet )
WEIGHT 67 kg CHARACTER ITEM Tigers and Marshmallows CREATOR The Projecters


BIRTHDAY April 18th LIKES Marshmallows, Stuffed Toys, Pillows, Children, Baby Animals, Original Songs, Autumn and Drawing MEDIA LIST 'Youtube'SoundCloud
RELEASE DATE March 30th, 2015 DISLIKES Crowds, People faking depression, People who bother him a lot, American Pop Culture and too bright colors SIGNATURE SONG "My Last Sacrifice" ( Japanese/WIP )

"Past Excuse" ( English/WIP )


Akihiro has a quiet, stubborn and rather rude personality. But under that mask of rudeness he is a very soft boy who is sensitive and doesn't want to do anyone harm. It has been revealed that Akihiro is more open and kind towards young children and baby animals, but he seems to deny it ( ;Tsundere ). Akihiro also seems to admire a certain YuKailoid, but once again he denies it and tries to hide it by "hating" him.

However in his Rebirth form he seems more mature and happier then in his Normal form.

Character Design

In his Normal form he used to have messy blonde hair, but is dyed in to black. He has also ocean blue eyes and a peach skin. He wears a black hoodie saying on the back: "どうでもいい" meaning "I don't care." in Japanese. He also wears tight grey pants with in marker written writings saying this like: "自由" (;Freedom ), "平和" (;Peace ) etc. He also wears black shoes with blue laces. He also carries around a notebook full of sketches, song lyrics and his own thoughts.

In his Rebirth form, Akihiro's blonde hair returns and he still has ocean blue eyes, but his skin is more pale and little bit more chubby.

*under construction*


  • "Arrête de m'ennuyer! Je vous ai déjà dit: "JE LE HAIS.""

Translates into: "Stop Bothering me! I've told you already: "I HATE HIM.""

  • "神が、落ち込んたわごとのような演技を停止畜生!"

Translates into: "God, stop acting like a depressed sh*t damn it!"

  • *under construction*

Voice Configuration

It is recommended to use Akihiro's breathing samples in songs to make him sound more realistic.

Too obtain Akihiro's Rebirth Voice enter in this flag: g+10

Too obtain Akiko's ( Akihiro's Genderbend ) voice enter in this flag: g-20 or for Akiko Rebirth: g-10

Voicebank Downloads

His Voicebanks work for both CV and VCV.

■ Normal

Recommended for beginners and great for any song except for too powerful or too soft songs.

Japanese VB Download: *Unreleased*

English VB Download: *Unreleased*

French VB Download: *Unreleased*


Recommended for powerful songs or for powerful/screaming parts of a song. Not recommended for soft and slow songs.

Japanese VB Download: *Unreleased*

English VB Download: *Unreleased*

French VB Download: *Unreleased*


Recommended for soft and slow songs or for softer/whisper parts of a song. Not recommended for powerful songs.

Japanese VB Download: *Unreleased*

English VB Download: *Unreleased*

French VB Download: *Unreleased*


The growl append is meant to add growl effects in a song if needed to sound more realistic. It's not really recommended for beginners and it will sound horrible if you only use this voicebank in a song.

Japanese VB Download: *Unreleased*

English VB Download: *Unreleased*

French VB Download: *Unreleased*

Full Name

  • Akihiro Kotone ( Western Order )
  • Kotone Akihiro ( Romaji Order )
  • 琴音明宏 ( Kanji )
  • Constantine Joël La France ( Original/French )
  • Konsutantinjoeru· Ra· Furansu ( Romaji )
  • コンスタンティンジョエル·ラ·フランス ( Original/Kanji )

( Note: Only Akihiro Kotone, Kotone Akihiro or 琴音明宏 are necessary to put in tags. )

Extra Character Relationships

  • Yoramu/Naoki ( Master/Voice Provider )
  • KAI KIM ( Secret Idol )
  • Kotone Akai ( Adopted Son )
  • Kotone Haru/ Louis La France ( Father )
  • Kotone Yoshio/Julian Amadieu La France ( Older Brother )
  • Utatane-Kotone Sachiko/Colette Héloïse La France ( Younger Sister )
  • Utatane-Kotone Airi ( Niece )
  • Utatane Haruka ( Future Brother-In-Law )
  • Hazuki-Utatane Leina ( Future Sister-In-Law )
  • Tarumi Kazuhiko ( Best Friend )
  • Nagumo Takuo ( Best Friend )
  • Yoora ( Pet Tiger )
  • Kazane Chiyo ( Good Friend )
  • Igarashi Miyuki ( Ex-Girlfriend/Good Friend )
  • Kanashiro Ririko ( Friend )
  • Kanashiro Ren ( Friend )
  • Kanashiro Rin ( Friend )
  • Miwa Kerii ( Friend )
  • Kanashiro-Yukirari Miya ( Acquaintance )
  • Kuribayashi Rei ( Acquaintance )
  • Kuribayashi-Loreil Tashia ( Acquaintance )
  • Nagumo-Aomori Ai ( Acquaintance )
  • Aomori Aya ( Acquaintance )
  • Igarashi Miyako ( Frenemy )
  • Fujimaki Riku ( Frenemy )
  • Yoshioka Chiya ( Enemy )
  • Hishikawa Yumi ( Enemy )


  • Akihiro is Pansexual, However he is leaning slowly to the Homosexual side.
  • Akihiro has adopted Akai because of his fondness for children and because Akai reminds him of a certain somebody.
  • Akihiro's Ex-Girlfriend is: Igarashi Miyuki
  • Despite Akihiro being French, he rarely speaks his mother language.
  • Akihiro admires the YuKailoid: KAI KIM, however he seems to deny it.
  • Akihiro hates being called by his original/French name: Constantine.
  • Akihiro's pet: Yoora is a Baby Golden Tiger, Akihiro has promised to free him when he is old enough.
  • Akihiro is completely terrified of Yandere's.
  • Akihiro's personality is different in Rebirth Append.

Usage Clause

  • *under construction*

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