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Screenshot 1

  • Real name: Umi Fukaku
  • Alias: Aqua Planetes
  • Type: Nostaloid
  • Type: AP-01702
Gender: Female
Voice Range: Unknown Age: 10
Genre: Pop,Ballad Weight: 22 kg
Voice Source: MION.Rion Height: 135 kg
Creator: MION.Rion Birthday:  Unknown
Likes: Fish, Sea, French Bread

Related Character:

-Hatsune Miku ( Her Idol)

-Utatane Piko (Her Crush)

-Aiolos ( Sister )

Dislikes: Bullies, Bomb, Candy Demo Song: --
Character Item: Ribbon Release Date: --
Personality: Calm,Kind and Shy.

Supplemental Info

Hair color: Blue
Umi Fukaku

Art by Mion.rion

Eyes Color: Sky Blue

Skin : White

Headgear: None

Dress: a White Robe with a Miniskirt inside.

Nasionality/Race: Half Mermaid. She lives in Japan.

Voice Bank

Not yet released.

The Voice bank is avaible only for Romaji.

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