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Ace of Spades

Box art comming soon

Ace Masters(エースマスターズ)Is another UTAUloid by Acemaster-P(thought to be the V-3 Series interpretation of Superdude that is not true)


Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: Roughly 6' 2"
Weight: 220LBS(of Mucule not fat)(he works out alot)
Hair Color Black
Headset/Headphones: Beats Solo HD By:Dr.Dre(Acemaster-P does is not affiliated with Dr.Dre or Beats Audio)
Headset/Headphone color: Red
Bank type: Raw
Model # ACE-1
Nationality: Mexican
Vocal Range: C3-C4
Tempo Range none
  • Sports(espaecialy American Football)
  • Playing guitar
  • Energy Drinks
  • being in a comforting scene(EX:like at a lake with his girlfriend)
  • Anime
  • Bullying
  • Racists
  • Age stereotypes(EX: how all teens get into trouble or spend their free time on the internet)

V-3 Series + Features and Appends

Raw Voicebank:

Ace Master's Raw voicebank has a few features that our previous models don't have

  • A stable OTO file
  • Low smooth tone(one acception is Superdude V2)
  • hirugana encoding (later downloads)

English Extend:

an English extend will be made for Ace Masters using short words instead of syllables(syllables will be put in to fill some holes)

Spanish(Latino) Extend:

A Latino-Spanish Extend will aslo be made with broken down compund words and syllables like the english extend


Power Amp:

A more ammplified Ace with tons of power(like a car running on a V8 but Ace is running on a V10)


A more grown up Ace Masters at age 25


A Profesinal opera singer at your beck and call


A Possible CV+VCV bank may be made too...

The Voicebank is awaiting Development

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