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Adam Jinkouchinoune

アダム 人工知能
アダム (Adam; creator's first name)

人工知能 (Jinkouchinoune; Artificial Intelligence Sound)

MODEL: 223
Celeste Boketane (Friend and fellow ELECTROloid)

Migakune Tadasu (Fellow ELECTROloid) Kazuki Sagoine (Fellow ELECTROloid)

Makine Hitomi (Friend and fellow ELECTROloid)
AGE 16 GENRE Rock, Pop, Techno HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 379.5 lbs (Because of robotic parts) CHARACTER ITEM Laptop, Gundam model CREATOR
BIRTHDAY February 23, 1994 LIKES Technology, Anime, Gundam (and Gundam Models), Money, Drawing MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE October 11, 2010 DISLIKES Education, Critics, People (except friends), Bossy people SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Adam is very finicky when it comes to doing things. He has a very picky taste in music and tends to nit pick when he finds flaws in something. Although he is selfconcious about his robotic features and his one robotic eye, he doesn't cover it up because he feels that it isn't worth it to hide things from other people. Instead, he'll take the odd stares. He tends to keep to himself, but is loud and obnoxious around his friends. He enjoys drawing almost as much as singing, but he can get discouraged when he can't do something right.


ACT 1 Voicebank Download:

ACT 2 Voicebank Download:

Supplemental Information

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Right eye is red

No left Eye, instead has a white sensor

ACT 2 design replaces his sensor and blue eyepiece for a cybernetic eye similar in design to the eyepiece.

Headgear/Earphones: A dark and light grey headset with a microphone on the right side, and an antenna on the left. Left side has a aqua-blue coloured holographic eyepiece, which covers the sensor where his left eye should have been. Also has purple and aqua light up pieces and the ear parts.

Dress: See Concept Art.

Other: Has a robotic left arm below the elbow, made to be same colour as skin.

Battery sensors on neck and shirt change level based on mood, and flash when asleep

Voice Configuration

I had recorded the voicebanks in a deeper voice, hoping to get a average sounding voice, However, UTAU did not agree with my decision, so it makes it a higher picth. For the best results, the notes should be moved into the C3 to C4 Octave.

ACT 2 is supports romaji as well as hiragana.

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