ACT 1 Voicebank Download:

ACT 2 Voicebank Download:

Supplemental Information

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Right eye is red

No left Eye, instead has a white sensor

ACT 2 design replaces his sensor and blue eyepiece for a cybernetic eye similar in design to the eyepiece.

Headgear/Earphones: A dark and light grey headset with a microphone on the right side, and an antenna on the left. Left side has a aqua-blue coloured holographic eyepiece, which covers the sensor where his left eye should have been. Also has purple and aqua light up pieces and the ear parts.

Dress: See Concept Art.

Other: Has a robotic left arm below the elbow, made to be same colour as skin.

Battery sensors on neck and shirt change level based on mood, and flash when asleep

Voice Configuration

I had recorded the voicebanks in a deeper voice, hoping to get a average sounding voice, However, UTAU did not agree with my decision, so it makes it a higher picth. For the best results, the notes should be moved into the C3 to C4 Octave.

ACT 2 is supports romaji as well as hiragana.