(Japanese: アーアリッス)
None. (None.) - It's simply gibberish.
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Unknown (At the moment) RELATED CHARACTERS Aelicse (Older Brother.)
AGE 19 (No explaination.) GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 96 lbs (44 kg) (Thinly built and hardly eats.) CHARACTER ITEM Gas mask. (Because it looks cool and somehow turns her acid/poison drool into steam.) CREATOR Cierra Brown
HEIGHT 5'8" (173 cm) (She's average. :I) VOICE SOURCE Cierra Brown (None, really...) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, 10-aes DEVIANT ART, 10-aes GELBOORU, 10-aes&as_epq=アーアリッス GOOGLE IMAGE, 10-aes PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY October 31, 1992 LIKES Darkness, quiet places where she can practice, being complimented, making friends. (Her personality is kind, but her looks turn people away.) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, 10-aes+%22アーアリッス%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE February 19, 2011 DISLIKES Being stared at, mocked, insulted, bright lights, loud noises, being forced to remove her mask. (Self explainitory.) SIGNATURE SONG [http:// None so far.]
PERSONALITY: Cannot be determined due to lack of information. (Will edit when more comes to mind.)

Supplemental Information

Hair color: faded, grayish brown (CHANGEME)
Headgear: Gas Mask (CHANGEME)
Eye color: glowing red (CHANGEME)
Earphones: None (CHANGEME)
Dress/Outfit: Wetsuit (CHANGEME)
Others: Her skin is a burnt red color. (CHANGEME)
Nationality/Race: Unknown. (CHANGEME)

Voice Configuration

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