Ai Kasumi

Ai Kasumi


Name Meaning: Ai- Love, Kasumi- Mist/ Fog

Type: UTAUloid

Model: 0134

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Weight: 50 Kg

Height: 5"4/ 159 cm

Birthday: 28th May, 1998

Release Date: 19th February, 2012

Voice Range: C4- C5

Genre: Unknown (but is better singing in choruses)

Character Item: Plum, Baseball

Voice Source: LopMine

Likes: Nice people, Animals, Pink (colour), Sweet food, Baseball (sport), Cheerleading

Dislikes: Jerks, Bitter food, Yanderes, Fire, Dark

Related characters: Akira Yukiko (close friend and teacher, Akira treats Ai like her child) Zou Kasumi (Her brother, they are really close)

Homepage: None

Creator: LopMine

Media List: YouTube

Signature Song: Double Lariat

Personality: Quiet around strangers and just looks down, But around friends she is always loud and smiling. she speaks before she thinks but her words are her weapon when she is angry.

Supplemental Info

Hair & Colour: Light Pink, slightly wavy near ends and is soft. It goes down to the start of her skirt (waist). Some hair is tied back and is chin lenght

Headset: White headphones with a yellow/ gold middle and 0134 in the middle in black

Eye colour: Yellow

Dress: A pink shrug, with a white shirt underneath (see picure) with a pale red heart on it. On her neck is a white ribbon with a gold/ yellow bow (her hair tie and the belt on her skirt is the same). She has yellow fingerless gloves which go widerpast her wrist and have a white belt at the wrist, with a silver buckle. She wears a pleated pink skirt (same colour as shrug) with a belt, she has white shorts underneath which show. She has white knee lenght socks and pink buckle shoes. She also has a white gun (like a pistol) which somehow can change into a dagger with a white handle.

Nationality: English/ Japanese

Voice Configuration

Ai is for Japanese

Act 2- Here

Usage Clause

This Voicebank is in Romaji

-If you make anything with her, her name must be tagged

-You may not edit her voice to make your own UTAU

-You may not redistribute her voicebank


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