Aika Carmine

(Japanese: 花蕗民 愛花 - かるみん あいか - Karumin Aika)
花蕗民 (Carmine - In Hebrew is "Garden" or "Orchard," in it's feminine meaning. Other meanings are "song" in Latin, and "purplish red" from an Aramaic word meaning "crimson.")

愛花 (Aika - means "Love Song" in Japanese. The characters also mean "love" and "flower" respectively.)

Her name combined can be taken to form the sentence "Garden's love song," or, "[A] Love song in the garden."

TYPE: CatHaloid

Yayoi (friend)

Sayuri (friend)

AGE 15 GENRE Pop, Ballad, Soft HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 90 lbs (41 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Heart-shaped, diamond encrusted necklace, Headphones CREATOR allthisheaven
HEIGHT 4'10" ft (147 cm) VOICE SOURCE Lamient Hana / Aiden Azeri (Andrea Atienza) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART
BIRTHDAY March 15 LIKES Music, Butterflies, Macaroons MEDIA LIST Aiden's Youtube, allthisheaven Youtube,
RELEASE DATE November 12 / November 30, 2015 (Official) DISLIKES Blood, Hospitals SIGNATURE SONG Hoshi no Kakera (Demo) , Ai Kotoba, Eine Kleine
PERSONALITY: Innocent and childish in nature, Aika is usually outgoing. While she cares a lot for her friends, she treats them all more seriously than anyone would expect. She values what's right and will enforce it, even if it means going against her friends. While it seems easy to read her emotions, no one is ever sure whether her smile is genuine or not.

Supplemental Information


Hair: Her hair colour is a purplish hue of indigo which looks purple in bright lighting. Her hair is slightly messy and only reaches to above her shoulders.

Headgear: She sometimes wears a bright pinkish-purple visor.

Eye color: Lavender. Her eyes have two versions, the "android" version, which are lavender, and the "human" version, which are a bright violet. She usually has the android version (like on her MMD model). However, her voice bank icon and most of her artwork have the human version, except in lavender as well.


Earphones: Strange looking headphones that light up violet.

Dress/Outfit: She wears a collared shirt with no sleeves. On her concept art, her shirt is dark violet with two small yellow note designs, and yellow and white borders near the hem. On the voice bank art, her collar and hem are white, and her note design is large and only in the center, with her necklace being part of the shirt. On both artworks, her skirt is purple with a large ribbon around her hips acting as a "belt." Her shoes are violet, with a ribbon on them on her concept art.

Others: She occasionally wears a pinkish-violet thigh band and two bands around her ankles. She also has a winter design in which she has a white swallow-tailed coat, an armwarmer on her right arm, and shorts.

Nationality/Race: Japanese (Voice Provider: Filipino)

Voice Configuration


AIKA Demo is a CV voicebank in Japanese. The characters are both in Hiragana and Romaji, though it's better to use Romaji. The voice range is generally low. Daiki Carmine (the genderbend) can be achieved with the "g+15" flag.

Her demo voicebank was officially made available for download by allthisheaven on November 30, 2015 and discontinued on 20 March 2017.


Aika's first official voicebank (AIKA V1) was released on 20 March 2017.

Download is available here.


Aika Model without MME
Aika's MMD model is currently not available for download.

The MMD model base was made by LAT and credits to all the parts used are in the creator's deviantart.


List of Covered Songs

  1. Hoshi no Kakera (2015.11.12)
  2. Ai Kotoba (2015.11.14)
  3. Ai Kotoba -updated ver- (2015.11.22)
  4. Collaboration Childish War ft. Aika (2015.11.22)
  5. Collaboration Okochama Sensou ft. Yayoi (2015.11.22)
  6. Days -TV size- (2015.11.24)
  7. Suki Kirai ft. Daiki (2015.11.26)
  8. Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku (2015.11.29)
  9. Magnet ft. Sayuri (2015.11.30)
  10. Eine Kleine (2015.12.01)
  11. Answer (2015.12.19)


  • She adores DECO*27 and Hachi as songwriters.
  • She's a gigantic fangirl of IA, and Gumi as well.
  • Her headphones were inspired by Chobits, while the story behind her character was also inspired by the story of Chobits to some extent.
  • In her backstory, (in the story written by Aiden that she's a character in), she was a human girl that is mute in her original life.

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