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(Japanese :  ; Kurone Aika)

NAME INTERPRETATION : AIKA ; Meaning "love song" KURONE ; Meaning "black sound"                                                                                                        

TYPE : USAloid / UTAUloid (USAloid an UTAUloid created and has a voice bank(s) from America)

MODEL : 03 


Arisu Kurone (Twin Sister)

Ayane Kawai (Close Friend)

Tsukiko Yamazaki (Close Friend)

Hinata Tachibana (Close Friend)



WEIGHT UNKNOWN CHARACTER ITEM Knife & Stuffed Animal CREATOR mashedpotatos-rule

5'4" (164.592 cm)

Bust: D40    

'H: 34.25 in (87 cm)

BIRTHDAY Febuary 14, 1996 LIKES Almost everthing MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE  Febuary 14 2015 DISLIKES People who get in the way of her love SIGNATURE SONG UNKNOWN

PERSONALITY : Akia is a Cheerful Girl and a Kind Girl, but also a Clumsy Girl.She is a little child-ish which is different from her twin, Arisu who is a bit more serious. She loves to be with her friends and songs covers of songs. Her and her sister are both yanderes but who they like will not be announced untill later on. Aika admires MAYU, she looks up to her and wishes to be just like her.


Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Pink

Dress: See concept art.

Nationality/Race: American/Japanese

Her Design is based on the voice provider's personality. The voice providers favorite color is red and black. The voice provider is a Yandere.Aika was first introduced as Kazumi. Aika was created with the original intention for fun. Her creator is currently working on new Utauloids to join with one concept design already finished. Currently, Aika voice is being worked on. 

Aika's voice is higher octave (Her twin has an opposite voice so Arisu will be lower octavie) , For that reason hitting lower registers might be a problem. She will be produced with an english voicebank. Voice Provider will record a japanese voicebank.

She is a loud person, people get a bit scared of her. She loves her friends, and She's very energetic and cheerful with around them, but sometimes she's shy and she gets angry easily, but she's cool. Since she is a Yandere (Same with twin Arisu) so she has issues.

Catchphrase: "愛してるわ(aishiteru wa) I love you!"

"一路平安を祈る (ichiroheian o inoru) Bon voyage (Have a good journey)"

Voice Configuration

Aika voicebank will be in English.( Will be avalible for download) Later, it will be avalible in japanese. Possibly also Korean, Spanish ect. Also an UTAU talk may be avalible later after voicebank stabilises.

Usage Clause 



  • You can make original songs with her, ONLY if you REALLY know how to make songs.
  • Do not use my UTAULOID for anything illegal or offensive to others.
  • I will not hold responsibility if incidents occur.
  • Usage must follow the terms set by UTAU's Creator.
  • No Claiming this voicebank as your own, or claiming to be it's creator.

Voicebank Usage

  • Persmission is not required for banks to be used.
  •  Showing the creator is not required, but appreciated.
  • Modification of the OTO.ini file is ok for personal use. Contact the creator for any major issues.
  • Commercial usage requires the creator's permission.
  • Do not redistrubute the voicebanks.
  • Do not redistribute a modified version of any of these UTAULOID's voicebanks.
  • Do not use the voicebank(s) as a Pitchloid.
  • Do not use the samples in the voicebanks for another UTAULOID's voicebank                  

Supplemental Information • Aika is a secert otaku. Her all time favorite anime is Date A Live ( Favorite Character Kurumi).

• Aika is comfortable with speaking Japanese and English.

• She loves the songs by Dixie Flatline and Utata-P.

• Her dream is to move to Japan.

• Aika really loves to play mincraft with friends.