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Aiki Nimi

(Japanese: 新見アイキ )


Aiki-derived from her favourite martial arts Aikido


MODEL: AN0-which stads for AikiNimi0

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE  D#3~A4 Higher range is reachable RELATED CHARACTERS None
AGE no official age GENRE Enka/Traditional Japanese HOMEPAGE Yet to be created
WEIGHT 54kg CHARACTER ITEM Her naginata CREATOR VocalityLabs

Troll boxart


BIRTHDAY  October 15th LIKES

Martial arts,football,tea,meditating,being alone,causing michief and misery.

RELEASE DATE November 16th, 2014 DISLIKES Popular utauloids,humans,beans SIGNATURE SONG TBA
PERSONALITY: Aiki is narcisstic and witty. Since she is like that, her sole purpose and life is to wreck other things  and cause mischief. Being the sinister person she is, she loves looking at others' misery. Her diabolic plans are usually passive-aggresive, tricking people into her traps. Sometimes involving sarcasm- but she is able to act as if she is being completely sincere, with her front-facade optimistic attitude.She also doesn't like humans because she failed to troll some of them.The one and only utauloid she can tolerate is Ruko Yokune,

Supplemental Information

A0 by rizea-d86h7nz

Concept art by Rizea

Skin color: Pale

Hair color/length: Purple-blueish

Headgear: Yin-yang headphones 
Eye color: Red

Nationality: Japanese

Extra: She hates humans because she failed to troll them that she is a vocaloid

Voice Configuration

Her ACT1 CV Japanese voicebankアイキ.rar

Her ACT 3 VCV REvival can be downloaded here! [most suitable for traditional japanese or slow songs


Usage clause

1.This voicebank cannot be sold! This voicebank is made for free usage but cannot be in any way,shape or form commercially sold or redistributed.

2.The redistribution this voicebank , a part of it or full version , is forbidden without permission.

3. This voicebank should not be used to synthesize anything derogatory, be it towards race, creed or policy. It is forbidden to used this voicebank to synthesize the following

-Do not synthesize racist and hatefull speech and/or songs.

-Do not synthesize any content that may potentially cause outcry or protest in community.

-Do not synthesize any shape or form of sexual or race discriminating song and/or speech.

-Do not synthesize any song and/or speech that promotes violence,anarchy,hate,protests and encourages unlawful things.

4.Do not use this voicebank for any political or religious songs except for well-known works prevailing carols or chants. 5.Hentai and 18+ drawings and songs are generally not forbidden and are tolerated as long as done in a tasteful manner. 6.Do not use this voicebank for committing or promoting any unlawful act. 7.Changes on oto.ini file are allowed but only for personal usage and are not to be redistributed.

Last edited.9月2014 by ゆかりーちゃn

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