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quick sketch of Aino

Aino Azayakane- Azayakane Aino

Name meaning- Aino - Ai No (of love), Azayaka (vivid) ne (sound)- vivid sound of love

Gender: female

Voice Range: unidentified

Related Characters: Giru Inu (partner in singing)

Age: 8

Genre: kids and electro

Homepage: this wikia

Weight: 78 lbs.

Character item: Bean sprouts

Creator: UNKNOWN

Height: 4' 4

Voice Source: tba

Picture list: UNIDENTIFIED

Birthday: July 9, 2004

Likes: Being rude, annoying, anything that bothers people.

media list: coming to youtube

Release date: July 11, 2012

dislikes: Every utauloid except Ritsu.

Signature songs: I demand more fans!

Personality: Seen being mean, rude, and selfish Aino is a very rude girl, but can be nice if you serve her. She is obsesses with anime and is called a chibi otaku.

Hair color: Black, sometimes Midnight blue or with streaks.

Head Gear: none

Eye color: Sky blue

Headphones: Small teal headphones with silver lights

Dress: A Dark blue tunic with aqua belt and sleeves, ending the sleeves are butterflies, with matching rings, under the tunic is a netted top, with white boots that are lined with light blue

Favorite phrase: Naze watashi wa kashuda, naze watashi wa sukoshi, watashi wa ikutsu ka no okane o motsu koto ga dekimasu ka? (why Im a singer myself, can I have a little bit of money?)

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