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611931 orig

AINO ERUFU - アイノ·エルフ

(Japanese : アイノ·エルフ  - Aino Erufu)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Aino Erufu - Elf of Love or Love of Elf.

Aino - Finnish girl(s) name, means "love" in Japanese.

Erufu - means elf in Japanese.

TYPE: FINloid, Polarloid - (FINloid) Published in Finland.



Kazeyama Windy

(Fellow FINloid)

Tokane Aki

(Lover, Boyfriend)

Tokane Kiia

(Biggest Rival)





Linda Midorine


WEIGHT Secret! CHARACTER ITEM Finland's flag, a stuffed toy of polar bear, the bag and hand puppets. CREATOR Hellkitty112 /Littlemochi
HEIGHT 150 cm VOICE SOURCE Hellkitty112/Littlemochi PICTURE LINK LIST Deviantart
BIRTHDAY 6th of December LIKES Polar Bears, Salmiakki (Finnish candy), Snow, Ice Hockey, Books, Horror, Pastel Goth, Stuffed Toys,  poisoning, to be alone. MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE 15.11.2013 , 9th of June, 2014 DISLIKES Bullies, Wake up for no reason, somebody mocks her elf ears, her creator (LittleMochi), other girls. SIGNATURE SONG Error, Tsumi To Batsu, Circus Monster , Don't go.

PERSONALITY + STORY : Really she's kuudere, but she just wants to make all happy and smiley, so that's why she's being hyper active and cute (ACT2). Really she would like to be alone, and  she's quiet elf girl, who loves winter, nature and Aki-kun.

Quite a hyper-active girl. Tries to be cute, all of the time, that peoples could call her as "Aino-chan is so kawaii!". She loves sweets, hugging , and all kind of childish things. She often speaks trough the hand puppets, and the hand puppets are suppose mean Aino and Aki. She's little bit jealous for Aki all of time, and she hates it when Aki even speaks to other girls. Even she tries to be cute (all of the time), in deep inside of her, she's brutal and sadistic psychopath , who could kill anybody, that she could keep Aki her own. She poisons the girls , and sometimes she slice them to trash bags, and drown them to the nearest lake of her house. Nobody, even polices haven't found the corpses never.

She has some kind of affection for Polar Bears. Some peoples says , that she has been polar bear, but she has just transformed to elf uniform, but nobody, even Aki doesn't know who she's and where she has came from.

ACT 1, VCV Supplemental Information :

Request for hellkitty112 by kuroibarrahime d7r by hellkitty112-d7sljy7

art by Kuroibarrahime

Hair color: Blond

Headgear:  Blue Beret with usb

Eye color: Blue

Earphones: None

Clothes : White, blue, black

Nationality/Race : UNKNOWN, peoples believe that she would be from Finland.

Personal quotes :

"Moi, moi!" or "I'd like to be alone...."

"Moi, moi! means in Finnish "bye, bye" or "Hi".

Character Items : Finland's Flag, Bow

Dere : Yangire/Kuudere

ACT 2 CHILDISH/lapsi CV APPEND Supplemental Information :

Hello kitty by emi chanxx-d7m30vx

art by Emi-chanxx

Hair color: Blond

Headgear:  Polar bear's ears, and blue bow with a little star

Eye color: Blue

Earphones: None

Dress: White/Blue/Pink

Nationality/Race : UNKNOWN, peoples believe that she would be from Finland.

Personal quote :

"Moi, moi!" or Nice to meet you, my name's Aino!


"You don't have permission to leave me alone!"

"Moi, moi! means in Finnish "bye, bye" or "Hi".

Character Items : Finland's Flag, Stuffed toy of polar bear and hand puppets.

Dere : Yangire/Yandere

Her references are here.

ACT3 Sleepy/uninen APPEND Supplemental Information :

Aino erufu sleepy

art by 39Iro

  Hair color: Blond, short

Headgear: pajama hat with an eye

Eye color: Blue

Earphones: None

Dress: white and blue

Nationality/Race : UNKNOWN, peoples believe that she would be from Finland.

Personal quotes :

"I'm little bit tired right now, so good night~"

Moi, moi!"

"Moi, moi! means "Hi" or "Bye bye" in Finnish.

Character Items : Finland's Flag, Stuffed toy of a star, knife and axe with bow.

Dere : Yangire/Kuudere 

Her references are here.

Voice Configuration :

ACT1 Downloads :

Version 1, oto by RUINOID : SAMPLE ,  LINK

(has only oto, replace it)Version 2, oto  by Adlez27 : LINK


Version 1, oto by FakeTsuki : SAMPLE ,  LINK

Version 2, oto by Catlione : SAMPLE ,  LINK

Version 3, oto by Madlilium : SAMPLE , LINK

ACT3 Sleepy CV Append Downloads :

Version 1, oto by amazinggoddes? : LINK 

Version 2, oto by Lunamageice? : SAMPLE , LINK

ACT4 VCV MAIN Voice Download :

Version 1, oto by Ryan-kun12 : SAMPLE , LINK


ACT1 : "Little bit hard to use for beginners. And btw she sounds little bit Kaai Yuki xD" and "'Her pronunciation is not good, but it's okay, if she's Finnish.". Her pronunciation is not the best in this voicebank. Many persons said, that her voice reminds of Kaai Yuki's voice. This voicebank has recorded with Nokia C5-03 phone.

CHILDISH CV APPEND : Aino's childish cv append's testers said, that Aino has high quality cv voicebank, example :  "It's really easy to use " and " Her pronunciation is really good ". Her cv voicebank is really easy to use, and it's meant for beginners. This voicebank has recorded with Blue Snowball.

Lipsync models :

BETA Childish CV Lipsync model by YuiHyde : DOWNLOAD

Childish CV Lipsync model by makeydev : SAMPLE, DOWNLOAD

Sleepy CV Lipsync model by makeydev : DOWNLOAD

Childish CV/VCV MAIN Lipsync model by Catlione/Ren : DOWNLOAD

Please credit the models's makers when you're using them!

MMD models:

Childish CV Append MMD Model by khftw : LINK

Usage Clause : 

  • Do not claim the character or voicebank as your own.
  • Follow the UTAU Terms of Service when using Aino.
  • (Not strictly enforced but please do) Credit Hellkitty112 as the owner of this UTAU.
  • R-18 is allowed, but not preferred, as Aino is underaged.
  • Do not make content with Aino that discriminates against race, sex, religion, etc.
  • Contact to if you would like to use Aino for commercial works. 

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