Aiolia Amiella Viola face

Art for this is stolen

Aiolia Amiella Viola

Full name : Aiolia Amiella Violla Florencia Von Bertha

Type : Nostaloid 

Model: X

Gender Female Voice range D3~A#4 (but C5 is Okay) Related Character

Aiolos Saggitaria (Very Very Distance Sister) 


Age 14 Genre Slow song, balad, Happy, For Indonesian dia bisa nyanyi lagu ceria atau galau Homepage
Weight 55kg Character Item a Teddy with lots of Stiches Creator and Voice source ShiroNeko-san (Aji Wibowo)


160cm Likes Being alone Media LIst Youtube
Released Date and Birthday

14 April 2014 

Dislikes Crowded Place, Noises, Annoying People, almost everything  Signature Song

Strobe Last

the Wanderlast

Personality : She's a Very Mysterious Silent and Cold Girl she always "Poker-face"-ing everything she prefers to be alone rather than together she got a catchphrase to "Alone is Better, because no one gonna hurt you"

Aiolia Amiella Viola new

This art has been stolen. This is not her design. This is the design for a character in Black Rock Shooter.

Suplemental Info

Hair color : Blonde

Head Gear : none

Clothing :  a short Pink dress with long sleeve and a red ribbon with black Stocking 

Eye color : Yelow

Nationality/Race: Unkown, but now she lived at england

Voice Configuration

A CV Voice bank of Amiella is now Released !!! 

Aiolia Amiella Viola Act 1.0 download it here

Act1.0 is a little Glitchy some voice doesnt sound right and a few Oto.ini hasnt been tuned but still a cute voice also this Voice bank has the capability to speak basic english

Usage Clause 

dont Pitch her VB if u want to, contact me at

use her Freely not for sale!!

if u wanna make a roleplay of her ask permission first!!

dont make erotic fanart of her!!

Dont Use her to sing Offensive songs !!!

Avoid mary-sue!!!

Dont claim her as your own Voice bank !!!

Dont make a new Voice bank out of her VB !!!

This Information is Created by the Voice Bank creator Himself so If u wanna make any changes please contact me (the Creator) first  !!!

if u done using her send me the result ok ? I would LOVE to See that <3 <3 

Her Covers from the Creator (ShiroNeko-san)

A Tale of A Trillion Years and A Night

The Wanderlast (check Signature Song)

Strobe Last ( check Signature Song )

Fire Flower

Wind Up God