Akairo Bara (赤色ばら)

Akairo (赤色) - Red; Bara (ばら) - Rose/Flower




Gender Female
Voice Range E3~B4
Genre Pop, Techno, Dance
Age 10
Weight 52 pounds (23.59 kg)
Height 4' 2" (128 cm)
Birthday July 31
Character Item Rose; Orange Sherbert
Release Date 8/22/2012
Likes Bunnies, candy, cats, cute things, the color orange, pastries and cookies, pocky, Japanese sweets, singing, dancing, video games, being loud
Dislikes Spicy foods, creeps, babies

She's a bit of a hime-dere; she loves to be the center of attention. If she feels someone is outshining her, she'll make sure that they "notice their place".

Though seemingly innocent and sweet, if you get on her nerves, she'll confront you (some what aggresivly).

Related Characters

Akairo Hebi - Older Brother

Kuroi Karasu - Senpai/Big-sister figure.

Fushigi Kage - Big-brother figure.

Okashi Kara - Friend(?); views her as competition. 

Homepage Website
Creator Stormi (stormilove)
Voice Source Abby S. (Stormi's little cousin)
Picture List DeviantART
Media List



Signature Song N/A


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