Akako Kiraine

Akako's name. o-o


Akako Kiraine

(Japanese: きらいね赤こ-Kiraine Akako)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 赤こ (Akako)-Red child

きらいね(Kiraine)- Hate sound,Akako hates most songs,but she'll sing them anyway


MODEL: 0611,she was made on June 11th,2011

PERSONAL INFORMATION Gender- Female Age- 15 Weight- 44 kg Height- 175.26 cm Birthday- October 1,1995


Voice Range- C4 to G4

Genre- Any genre

Voice Source- Aren-sama(Deviantart) TashimaAren(Youtube)

Character Item- Machete with a smiley face drawn on it

Likes- Candy,Knifes,Zombies,

Drawing,Kiyoteru Hiyama,cats,coffee,sharks

Related Characters- Akiyo Kawano(friend) Dislikes- Smiling,Miku Hatsune,flowers,pigs

Personality: Yandere?

Outfit: Light blue shirt with collar,black shorts,and socks. Akako's voice bank isn't released yet.

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