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Akakurone, 紅黒 Akaku-kun (nickname).
紅 means crismon ruby, 黒, means black and 音 means sound.

The name interpretation would be "The sound of the dark crimson ruby".

TYPE: Crimson Doll.
MODEL: First born twin, he has no model.
紅白音 (Twin brother).
AGE Looks like 11 years old, the real age is not known. GENRE Adaptable. HOMEPAGE Working on it
WEIGHT 50kg. CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed White Cat named シク Shiku. CREATOR ・サイヲ・ Project.
HEIGHT 155cm. VOICE SOURCE ・サイヲ・ Project. PICTURE LINK LIST Not available.
BIRTHDAY Unknown. LIKES He loves his twin brother and white things. Even he likes Mentholated Tea. MEDIA LIST Not available.
RELEASE DATE Not released yet. DISLIKES He hates dogs and sweet things. SIGNATURE SONG Not available.
ADDITIONAL INFO: He was made from pure crimson ruby.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Black.

Eye color: Right-Red, left-gray.

Clothes: Old-like clothes, he wears a short pants a white basic shirt, has a red bow tie and darck jacket that has a hat with cat ears.

Race: Doll.

Likes: White, coffe, cats and bunnies.


Japanese VoiceBanks


  • 紅黒音・CVVC「二音階」

A continuous CVVC VoiceBank that contains four pitches, F3, C#4.

Demos: Not yet.

Download: Not yet.

Terms of Use

Without Permission Commercial Use of Voicebank or Character Allowed?

Commercial use is possible with the rights that were obtained by making previously contact with・サイヲ・. There is a '.txt' into the VoiceBanks named '連絡先.txt' that has many ways to contact him.

With Permission Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices?

Yes. Even you have to ask for create derivatives characters or voices.

-Modification of the original sound processing and original sound settings, such as pitch change and noise removal does not care if you read and followed the rules above.-

-Acording to the law, use the VoiceBank for criminal purposes and illegal sites, etc., is strictly prohibited..-

-Redistribution is prohibitedBut if the VoiceBanks becomes impossible to get, ask ・サイヲ・ Project for the possibility of redistribution.-

Character Usage

  • Unofficial costume designs are allowed.
  • Sexual representation is allowed, as long as the legal age limit is observed.

Author's petition

  • When uploading a work using Kurenaikurone, please give the necessary credits to ・サイヲ・ Project.
  • No responsibility can be claimed for damage caused by the usage of this voicebank.

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