Utau request akane kenshin by emy san-d7lxurf
Akane Kenshin Ayumu

(Japanese:歩あかね謙信 - 綾謙信-Kenshin Aya)


あかね(Akane) - Deep Red, red meaning to blood 謙信歩 (Kenshin Ayumu) - True Dream, or a dream made true


MODEL: 69 - Her "offical" number was going to be 2014 because of her realease date, it was later on it would be 69 by two reasons, by putting the 96 her sister that is like her opposite would have the 96 and Akane is also known because of her "special" way of seen and thinking

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C3-C6 RELATED CHARACTERS Koi Kage Kiyoshi- He was officially Akane's friend and idol, later on they were decided to be a couple (tho, it hasn't been officially announced)

Shizuka Mitsuki- She is Akane's best and only friend

Akari Hinata Hibiki- She is Akane's adopted big sister

Aoi Akihiko Hibiki- Akane's adopted big brother

AGE 16 (Official Age) GENRE She can sing any type off music, tho she is better for fast songs HOMEPAGE (Stil on hold)

HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 1.75 m VOICE SOURCE LexiLex02 (On deviantArt)

Leslie Abraham


BIRTHDAY Feb 14 LIKES Shota, Yaoi, Being Alone and Sing MEDIA LIST SoundCloud

RELEASE DATE Not realeased yet DISLIKES Yuri, Being with alone of people and strawberries SIGNATURE SONGS On Hold
PERSONALITY: She is Yandere but she always shows her Tsundere side without notice. She was very cute and happy untill she discovered she was adopted, she started using piercings at the age of 14. She met Shizuka and Koi at school, Shizuka and Akane became friends quickly tho she had problems with Koi, they started talking to each other and quickly fell in love.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red

Headgear: Headphones

Eye color: Left Eye: Pink Right Eye: Red

Headphones: Red and Black

Dress: She only wears a top with jeans and her boots

Nationality/Race: She is Japanese Native

Favorite phrase: Jākudearu koto wa, tatakai ni kattasuke ni wa narimasen (ジャークであることは、戦いに勝っ助けにはなりません; Being a jerk won't help you won the battle).

Voice Configuration

She is designed for being Japanese Languaje only, tho her maker is thinking about making a spanish voicebank or a japanese vcv

Her append form will be done at 2015


Voicebank VC:

Voicebank VCV:

Not yet done

Append Sweet, Dark:

Not done

Usage Clause

You are NOT allowed to use her for commercial purposes, you are allowed to do pitchloids but always credit the original voice provider.

All rights go to LexiLex

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