Name: Akemi Iro (Akemi means 'Bright and Beautiful' and Iro means 'Colors' So her name is 'Bright and Beautiful Colors'. Japanese: 色明美)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Weight: 45kg

Height: 152cm

Model: 1424 (14 is her age. When you look at a phone's numbers, 'A' is on 2, and 'I' is on 4. So 24 stands for Ai (Love in Japanese.))

Creator: UtauAndVocaloidFangirl / iiReadManga on YouTube.

Voice range: N/A

Akemi Iro. Yush the creator drew this. Don't laugh.. >_>

Genre: Pop, Upbeat, a little bit of darker music, too.

Item: Cape

Homepage: N/A

Likes: Singing, dancing, reading, writing, cream puffs

Dislikes: paitence, people making fun of of her, fish, school

Personality: Akemi is an upbeat neko, with a hate for fish, and a love for cream puffs. She gets shy around new people, because of her ears and tail. None of her friends ever supported her in her quest to sing, but she gave it a try anyway. Akemi takes all her bitter emotions and writes them down in a story form. She sings from her heart, you know.


Clothing: An orange tube top, a red and blue cheer leader skirt, orange leg warmers, turqoise shoes, multi-colored cape, yellow collar with bell.

Features: Hot pink hair with black/gray tips, brown ears with pink inside, brown tail, sky blue eyes, 1424 tattoo.

Nationality: Japanese

Voicebank: N/A. Creator is trying to make her sing Japanese.

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