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MMD And Utau Po Pi Po By Aki Atari03:06

MMD And Utau Po Pi Po By Aki Atari

Hot day

Tasha Hari and Aki Atari

Base 34 by Comics Pixels

Aki Atari

Japanese Name:

First Name:Aki

Last Name:Atari

TYPE: Cheetahloid

Aki is a custom made Utauloid

GENDER: Female


Utshi Utskii- Oldest Sister

Desho Hiruni- Friend

Tesune Rizu-Friend

Michi Yuko-Older sister

Ako Atari- Male counterpart

Okami Koinu-Friend

Supaka hanashi-Friend

Tengoku Hyo-Friends mom

Kimyona Hikari-Friend

Tasha Hari-Mom

AGE: 10 years


WEIGHT: 72 lb



VOICED BY: Grace Bergeon

HEIGHT: 4.6 ft

BIRTHDAY: August 8th

LIKES: Art And Crafts


RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2013


PERSONALITY:Aki is a fun loving girl who is alwayd hyped and moving around. she tries her best to overcome her bordom and is usally restless.

Plese go to this youtube channel to veiw videos by Aki Atari:

Voicebank Download:

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Light Blue

Clothing: A grey shirt with a green ruffly thing down the shirt the shirt also has a bow in the back she also has a black and green skirt she also has converse and glooves that are like mikus just with a green edge ahe also has a headband thats black with green dots

Hair Style: bangs with ancle legnth hair

Nationality/Race: Human

CatchPhrase: I NEED PAINT!!!

Favorite Phrase: If the colors right paint it

Fun factsEdit

Aki Likes To Dance And Sing With Michi Yuko

Aki Likes To Sing Higher Notes

Usage ClauseEdit

you CAN edit her BUT only to fix her Phisics(MMD model)

You CAN'T redistributte

You CAN'T claim as your own

You CAN make another (Ex. tda Append, Onepeice, TDA) model with my permission

you CAn make art of Aki Atari

You CAN have fun with Aki Atari.

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