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UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This article is incomplete.

Name Interpretation:

Aki - Autumn

Morine - Forest Sound

Model: he has 2, 1) the acorn computer logo on his newsboy hat with the word UTAU in it (kind of parodying Momo's Beret) 2) Shota-11-shota on the back of his leg, he is so embarrased about that model that he covers it with his knee-socks, in otherwords, its hard to see

Gender - Male, he is a crossdresser for a reason: he doesnt want to be called a shota, so he disguises himself as a girl using balloons for *sweatdrop* FAKE Double D size boobs -_-, though you are allowed to portray him/her as an actual girl

Age: 11

Alias: Akio, his real name, or Shotaki, given by Lua Tsukine or others who like to take the mick out of his shota-ness or crossdresser nature

Character Item: Acorn, his design is based on the deceased acorn computers as well as a forest during autumn

Hair Coulor: brownish-red (with fake "drills" not like Teto's drills, because they look more like this)

Eye coulor: Amber or Orange

Orientation: Straight, he has a crush on Lua, but many people who don't recognize his true gender assume he is a lesbian

Occupation: Forest Ranger, takes care of animals and helps them hibernate for winter, hence his/her name: Aki Morine (Autumn Forest Sound)

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