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{{UTAU infobox/Draft


|name= 秋 白根

|name2= Aki Shirone

|name_means= Aki meaning autumm and Shirone meaning white sound

|type= UTAULoid


|gender= Male

|voice_range= C6-D3

|related= Zuiga Mizuki(Idol)

|age= 14

|genre= Any

|homepage= COMING SOON

|weight= 50 kg

|item= Macaron

|creator= Aki -kun

|height= 166 cm

|voice_source= Aki -kun

|picture= ???

|birthday= 19.3.2016

|likes= Macarons,playing on his violin,other UTAUs

|media= Youtube

|released= yes

|dislikes= mean peoples,kiwis,yellow,Momo Momone,

|song= None

|additional= Aki is a very friendly UTAU who loves to makes friendships with others UTAU.Momo Momone is the only UTAU that he don't like.

He is calm and shows many times a smile,but he can be also very angry in a few seconds.Aki 


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