Akihiro Utakine Boxart by Moreira-KunAkihiro
Akihiro Utakine


(japanese:アキイロ ウタキネ)Akiiro Utakine  

Name Interpretation


Utakine=Noble Sound                                                                                                   


Model:A16 A=Akihiro 16=Day of his voicebank first record December 16th                            

Gender Male Voice Range B1-D4 Related Character

Sukone Tei (idol)

Akira Utakine(Twin Sister)

Kamui Gakupo (idol)

Age 18 Genre Electronic,Rock HomePage YouTube
Weight 62 kg Character Item Headphones Creator


DwoRinaka (Illustration)

Height 170cm Voice Provider Moreira-kun Picture link list DeviantArt
Birthday July 29th(Birthday of his voiceprovider) Likes Blue Color,Good things,sweet voices Media List




Release Date ------- Deslike Bad guys Signature Song

Romeo and Cinderella

Love is War

Personality:He is very kind and generous to everyone. Like many of his friends. Sometimes loses control and takes a very brave.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Platinum White

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Headphones: Black and Yellow

Clothes: He wears a shirt, shorts, sneakers and gloves vocaloid

Nationality: Akihiro born in Brazil,Speaks English,Portuguese and Japanese.Your official language is Portuguese.


Akihiro is in beta test Without Oto.ini

Akihiro Utakine CV ACT1 Beta (Without Oto ini):MediaFire

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