Art by: Vantherandomone


(Japanese: 晶子山本 Akiko Yamamoto)

(The translation might not be accurate)

明子(Akiko) - Multiple meaning "Light" or "Bright"
山本(Yamamoto) - "Base Of The Mountain"

TYPE: Yamaloid

MODEL: XJ41 (Her father being "XJ40" and her brother being "XJ42" and so on.)

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Not Confirmed (Will be posted upon release) RELATED CHARACTERS

Alan Yamamoto - Father

Cyrus Yamamoto - Younger Brother

Suki Yamine- Best Friend

Yudai Yamine-


AGE 16 GENRE Pop (possibly choir?) HOMEPAGE One in the making
WEIGHT 103 lbs (47 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Pocket Dagger CREATOR Ethan

6' 7"

116 Pounts

VOICE SOURCE Vantherandomone PICTURE LINK LIST Will be posted upon release
BIRTHDAY July (16th?) 1995 LIKES Stabbing stuff, being a friend, playing outside with her brother, Cyrus. MEDIA LIST Will be posted upon release

Voice source is on a hiatus on recording, therefore will be a while before release.

DISLIKES Rude people, rocks. SIGNATURE SONGS Will be posted upon release

PERSONALITY: Depicted as naggy at times, but when you get on her good side, you'll be fine. If you're on her bad side, it will be a living hell. She can be lazy on weekends, but she is willing to do anything. Not much about her as known, along with her brother and father.

Progress (updates regularly):

MMD Model: 100% (Act 1 Model)

Voice Recording: 100%

OTOing: 32%

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