Akina Hikari means in Japanese "Light of Autumn" when translated and was created on May 12, 2014. Known features are keyblade and Kingdom Hearts themed outfit. Also will soon have a brother named Yasashi Hikari. (May come out in early June.) Her mother and father were lost in the forest and did not come back so Akina builit Yasashi Hikari, her "Robot" twin brother. Voiced by VocaloidBunny. Does not have voicebank yet.

Appearance and Personality

Hair colour: Banana yellow.

Age: 13

Known features: Kingdom Hearts Themed Items and outfit.

Character item: Kingdom Keyblade.
Akina Hikari

Akira Hikari

Eye colour: Aqua blue.

Name meaning: "Light of Autumn"

Special ability: To do magic.

Likes: Bananas, oranges, nature, Yasashi Hikari, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hates: Coffee, spiders, being bothered, noisy people, and cats. (Note that there is a typo in the picture. Akina is spelled Akira.)


As said above, Akina had a mother an father that got lost in the forest so she went to build a "Robot" twin brother with her magic. And so, she would always have her brother, Yasashi, by her side.

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