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Albert Fleischer

(アルバート  フライシャー)

Type: Oblivoid (UTAU created by Oblivion772)

Model: None

Gender Male Voice Range A#2~D4 Related Characters Harwin Klem (Finds amusing)
Age 37 Genre Rock, Metal Homepage Main Page
Weight 73 kg (161 lb) Character Item Cane sword Creator Oblivion772
Height 187 cm (6' 2") Voice Source Oblivion772 Picture Link List None
Birthday November 12th Likes Androids, machinery, mangos, his hair, guns, hockey Media List Soundcloud
Release Date March 30th Dislikes Messes, dirt, idiots Signature Song None
Albert Fleischer is a german scientist and business man, engrossed with the persuit of further knowledge and extremely interested in cyborgs and androids, he has offered himself up for many experiments involving mechanical limbs and other such items.

He has abandoned current methods of science for more unorthodox ones, quickly amassing a criminal record and a bad reputation, prompting the attention of Harwin Klem. To Albert though, he is little more than a nuisance, one that would easily be disposed of if he didn't amuse him.

Albert has always had a fascination for guns, collecting them for many years. His assault rifle is a gift from an old friend, one whom he has long since lost contact with. 

He is fiercely  proud and defensive, seeming to have a cool temperament most of the time, he is incredibly competitive, and passionate about what he does. Most of the time it is hard to get him genuinely mad, but if someone manages it, Albert will immediately go for his guns. Luckily, not many people are able to bring out this side of him.

There always has to be a way to make money though, and all of these experiments aren't cheap. He is a common singer and dancer, going under the stage name Franz Hoffmann. No one knows who he really is on stage.

Motto: "They say ignorance is bliss, but anyone with the cognitive strength to understand what that truly means wouldn't trade it in for all the happiness in the world."

Outfit: Since Albert is generally seen performing, he has no official outfit. He wears whatever the managers give him. Though on stage he generally sticks to tight clothing. Generally during his free time he'll wear a black sleeveless top with  blue and/or red pants, a belt, and black army boots. He does own an official lab coat, but he doesn't use it much.


Buraikku Jikoraizaa: Debut song



Version 1.1: Download here!

Version 1.1.2: Download here! (New oto.ini. The consonants are more pronounced)

Multilingual CVVC:

Version 1.1(German & Japanese): I estimate it'll be out sometime in the summer.

Fun Facts:

-Albert was made to be exttremely smart, as of now, his official IQ is 171. 

-Albert is a virgin. Teehee. Thus he has no established sexuality.

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