Altair Gottesdiener

Japanese name: アルタイル ごテスぢねる
Altair (A star from the constellation 'Aquila) Gottesdiener (A common Jewish surname)
MODEL: none
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Altair Gottesdiener's range is not defined RELATED
AGE See the 'History' page GENRE Mainly Folk Rock and Progressive Metal (But can sing any genre) HOMEPAGE Official Site
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Altair Gottesdiener has no item CREATOR Vanadium Tendo
HEIGHT 168cm VOICE SOURCE Vanadium Tendo PICTURE LINK LIST Official Website
BIRTHDAY Dec. 21 LIKES Astrology, Science Fiction, Science, Space, MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE Aug. 2, 2015 DISLIKES Being called chibi, long quizzes, sour food, Math SIGNATURE SONG ALTAIR*StarOne
ADDITIONAL INFO: Altair is a person who is sometimes mean and sarcastic.


After Griega Arctegami was abandoned by the creator, Altair was created to be her new replacement.

Due to her appearance, she is said to be only among the teenage years, but unfortunately, no official age was given to Altair.

About Altair

Eye color: Light Brown

Hair color: Blue

Headgear: None 

Clothes: Purple shirt, yellow skirt, red shoes

Nationality/Race: American-Japanese

Way of speaking/accent: English

Altair boxart update

Altair box art 2015

Voice Configuration 

Altair is a bilingual voicebank.

The creator found out that this UTAUloid will update very slowly due to the busy work of the creator.


See the 'Official Site' for more information.

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