Amai Kieseki is v
Amai kieseki san by bloodymarionettes-d4bqd3z
ery conplex when it comes to voice bank settings.her voicebank comes out in versions. Version 1.0 is japanese. Version 2.0 is english and 3.0 is french. but since she always updates its nice to download her voice bank as it comes out.

She is classified as a StarLoid even when she feels no love is ever given.

Her family is Mayshi Kiroshi and more to come. She wears shorts like Kagamine Rin, baggy shirt and maroon with a teal undershirt.Her hair is long and black but can be altered to ponytails. her legging are knee-lenght with black and teal lace. Her ponytail holder is a small blue band with an Ipod charm when her hair is up. When her hair is in a ponytail she changes into her school girl outfits which is a similar color scheme. Her model number is an Ipod on her shoulders(when shown). Her earphones are pink with a black star necklace colar.

Her personallity is dark and devious and this is ironic because her name means sweet miracle... she can be nice to those she friends and has a very protective nature of those she cares for. She loves to sing and go out on the swing set when she gets angry to help controll herself and often misses school when she is mad. Her best friend Amai is always there for her helping her every step of the way. Her bracelet will ofen light up when she shows strong emotions

Her music style is rock, jazz, emo,punk and pop for japanese. For english its techno, pop and latin. and for french its classical. But this always depends on voice range of song.

She has lots of friends that are peppy like Amai Harukaze and Teto Kasane yet dark friends like Zeito and Lin Kagamine. She loves to do duets with other utaus that share the same name like AmaiXAmai magnets. She loves songs like double lariat and electric angel,because of the softness of them.

More information is coming soon since of uncomplete voicebox. ~ voicebank download is on her youtube page


guys im like an adult now and im cringing over this im so sorry

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