(Japanese:甘い音 蜂蜜  - あまいね はちみつ - Amaine Hachimitsu)
甘い音 (Amaine; Sweet Sound
蜂蜜 (Hachimitsu; Honey) 

TYPE: UTAUloid (Might also be a MACloid)
MODEL: 69 - Imprinted near his right shoulder; Favorite number.

(Has the two buttons ll imprinted under his left eye. -- Adopted from Vocaloid MAIKA.)


Amaine Meikai (Twin) - In progress, friend's voice.

Lilac-Rose (Older Sister) - In progress, same voice provider. -- Private

S-09 Sammy (Older Brother) 

Otone Utau (Younger Brother) - In progress, same voice provider.

AGE 14 (Any) GENRE

Depends on voice bank.





Twitter (Controlled by "Mitsu") (Controlled by "Mitsu")

WEIGHT 82 lbs (37.1946 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Nerd Glasses CREATOR FadingInTheSettingSun aka Alex
HEIGHT 4'10 feet (147.32 cm) VOICE SOURCE

FadingInTheSettingSun (YT)

iiFantasy (DA)

BIRTHDAY 6/13/1999 (Any) LIKES Yaoi, Anything Sweet, Yellow, Black, and Singing MEDIA LIST




RELEASE DATE TBA DISLIKES Yuri, Bitter food, Orange and Green "Eww, Carrots!", Haters, When people make comments of his height, and Singing SIGNATURE SONG           . . . WAVE
PERSONALITY: Hachimitsu (aka Mitsu) is always overly excited which may annoy people at times. He tries to act cute and doesn't like when people hate him. He doesn't have the best memory and he zones out into his own world very often. Mitsu thinks his voice is annoying and always wishes to quit, but never will. He also acts like a clown just to make people laugh. He hates it when people think he is just a singing robot with no emotion. He questions his sexuality but feels much more comfortable with the male gender. But most of his friends are girls, he is also ok with male friends but only if they accept him for who he is. (He hides that he wishes to be a female, but he lacked a female sounding voice to "change." But he does cosplay as girls and males.)

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blonde with honey tips.
Eye color: Left; Red, Right; Blue (Heterochromia Iridum) -- Adopted from Vocaloid Utatane Piko.
Earphones: Based on the Vocaloid headphones.
Dress: Black and Yellow / See Concept Art <<Soon to be made... Hopefully.
Nationality/Race: Mitsunese (A made up race that Hachimitsu uses)


I pity whoever has to deal with you! - 私は残念誰があなたに対処しなければならない!

Is that really all you got? - 本当にすべてあなたが得たことですか?

Fear me!!. - 私を恐怖!

Nneel before me!! - 私の前にひざまずく!

I just don't get why you're so annoying. . - あなたはとても迷惑して、なぜ私はちょうど得ることはありません。。


SeeU // OLIVER // IA //Megpoid/CUL // Iroha // Piko // Gackpoid // SONiKA // MAIKA

~ These are the VOCALOID's that the creator wishes to get. A * will be put next to the name if I succeed to get these voice banks.

Hachi Makune

~ A TBC list of UTAU's that Mitsu likes. So far only Hachi has made this list. She is the most special for him because it got him (Me) to make voice banks. (Hachimitsu is his full name but he uses Mitsu so Hachi won't think that he is a stalker who tried to steal her name.)

Voice Configuration

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: If Hachimitsu is EVER abandoned by me, then the links will stay here and this page will be (probably) locked. If any links are broken at the time I do leave this UTAU, then I will let ANYONE redistribute his voice banks. Just don't claim them as yours. [This UTAUloid shouldn't be abandoned until a long time, so this won't happen soon.]

Hachimitsu's Voicebank is currently in the oto stage. He will have VCV and CV Japanese Voicebanks, 5 appends both CV and VCV, and a Core English with 3 Appends. His Japanese Voicebanks are encoded in Kana with Romaji aliases so, you may need applocale. All his Voicebanks will be recorded with Oremo except for the Chinese bank which will be in voice bank maker for NIAONiao. (Mitsu is soon to be decalangual with the languages Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, and Italian.)

Core CV Japanese Voicebank - **Being redone due to low quality. All WIP voicebanks are also soon to be remade.**

Core VCV Japanese Voicebank - 0% **Will be recorded after his CV **

CV Append Hush - 0%

VCV Append Hush - 0%

CV Append Serene Tripitch - 0%

VCV Append Serene Tripitch - 0%

CV Append Twilight Bipitch - 0%

VCV Append Twilight Bipitch - 0%

CV Append Sombre Bipitch - 0%

VCV Append Sombre Bipitch - 0%

CV Append Power Multipitch - 0%

VCV Append Power Multipitch - 0%

Core CV VC Full English - 0%

CV VC English Lite Append Serene - 0%

CV VC English Lite Append Sombre Tripitch - 0%

CV VC English Lite Append Power Multipitch - 0%

Core Spanish - 0%

Chinese - 0% (Might only be available on a Chinese program similar to UTAU called NIAONiao. Conversion to UTAU might be made if asked. Will be recorded a bit softer than his core.)

Core Korean - 0%

Core CV VC German - 0%

Core Dutch - 0%

Core French - 0%

Core CV VC Portuguese - 0%

Core Italian - 0% (Will be recorded a bit opera-ish.)

Conversion to MAC

These voice banks will be created when the author get's a MAC. (Hopefully soon) There will be all new recorded samples which will be recorded on a MAC. Yuki Hyō is Amaine Hachimitsu's "MACloid" alter ego, the name is Snow Leopard in Japanese. (Name comes from the software Apple made.) Once the author makes these,  new designs will be made imatating Gomoku's style just to seem more.. MAC like. Once the designs are made and anyone uses his MAC voice banks then use those designs and not his regular art. His idols for these voice banks are Macne Coco (Shiro), Macne Coco (Kuro), Sasayaki-San, Macne Nana (2S), and Makune Hachi. (A joke for the author to make this is his -- not to strong -- obsession with Makune Hachi.)

Yuki Hyō (Shiro) -  0% (Younger and lighter voice for MAC laptops and computers; UTAU Synth and Garageband.)

Yuki Hyō (Kuro) - 0% (Mature and deeper voice for MAC laptops and computers; UTAU Synth and Garageband.)

Yuki Hyō (Sasayaki) - 0% (Tripitch "Whisper" voice bank for MAC laptops and computers; UTAU Synth and Garageband.)

Yuki Hyō (6S) - 0% (Tripitch "Sweet" voice bank for MAC laptops and computers; UTAU Synth and Garageband.)

Usage Clause

Anyone is allowed to use Hachimitsu. Just please follow the things listed below . . .

- Do not genderbend his vocals.

- Do not edit his samples.

- Do not, I repeat, do not claim him as yours. If you do I will hunt you down, find you, and rip the skin off your feet.

The things you can do are . . .   

- He may be allowed in any theme, including explict themes. 

- You do not have to follow his personality, due to barely having a personality.

- He may sing anything. (As long it doesn't offend a person's race!)

Also, if you ask to beta any of his voicebanks then I will send you a link. You must ask!

 This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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