Amaru Bacchkoi

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Amaru Bacchkoi

Amaru is the sister of Kinamaru Bacchkoi.


Age 16
Gender Male
Voice Provider Amaru Bacchkoi
Item Peanut Butter
Weight Unkown
Height Unkown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Signature Song None


Amaru is know to be more of a boy who has somewhat of an ADHD thing going on. So, he doesn't wear the black or have the skate boards. He choses to wear bright color and is nice to everyone. He may pull some prants time to time. Overall, he is a very nice kid


Amaru Bacchkoi was orginally a band member never found. In the group Cygne, a group her younger sister had put together, there was a male charecter. His name was made y taking the part "kina" off of Kinamaru's name. It was also the name of one the charecter that was in a movie that his sister loved.

Voice Configuration

Some people may point out that Amaru may sound more like a girl at some points when he does his covers with his real voice. The reason he has a UTAU is for the songs he is unable to sing at the time ( he may be sick or the notes may be to high).


Due to the fact that Amaru is still a WIP, he has no design yet. But he does have a MMD model in the making. It shows him wearing pants and a jacket. The design may change and so may a few other thigns on Amaru. He out fit is undecided.

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