Amaya Kato

(Japanese: 加藤天谷 - かとあまや - katō amaya )
加藤(Katō- Increase wisteria)
アマヤ(kanji-天谷, Amaya- Night rain)
Gender Female Voice Range

Act 2.1: 285.5 Hz (D4)
Act 3: 265.5 Hz (C4)
VCV: 296.6 Hz (D4)
Hebrew: 285.8 Hz (D4)

Related Characters

Kato Takeo(Nii chan)
Chinatsu Haru(Cousin)

Age 16 (Offical Age) Genre Any Homepage None
Weight 47 kg Character Item Electric guitar, Strawberries Creator Mikaru(DA)(Pixiv)
Height 161 cm Voice Source Mikaru Picture Link List

Concept Art

Birthday January 1, 1997 Likes Yaoi, puppies, snow, drawing, playing on her guitar, chocolate ice cream with nuts. Media List


Release Date January 1, 2011 Dislikes Metal songs, mean people. SIGNATURE SONG



Amaya looks like a cute girl but it's not a good idea to make her mad. She's kind and cheerful.

Character Design

Hair color: Medium brown
Headphones (Usually on her neck)
Eye color:
Bright green
Nationality: Israeli - Japanese.

VoiceBank Download

CV VB's:

Act2.1(encoded in romaji and hiragana)-
This act don't have japanese R, this act only have israeli R.

Act.3(encoded in romaji and hiragana)-
This act have japanese R and Russian R.
Please use this flags to make amaya sound better:

Takeo's voice can be set by setting Amaya's flag to g16


Still in progress.

Hebrew VB:

Extra Character Relation

Facts About Amaya

  • She hates when people calling Haru's twin sister.
  • She hates when Takeo calling her his 'little and weak sister'
  • When she's playing on her guitar, it's not a good idea to disturb her.
  • She's a yaoi fangirl.

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless there is changes that have been made by the creator.
  • Avoid any mary-sues.
  • Please Do Not Pitch the voicebank.
  • Allowed to be use freely.

Certified true and correct from Amaya's creator, Please do not change anything here without permission.

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