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Character Name

Image of Character

Gender Female
Age 13
Birthday 03/08/2003
Introduced 29/05/2016
Secret She may or may not be a creep
Voice Source UTAU?
Genre Usually slow songs, high
Character Item Can of whipped cream

Ame is my first utau, she's a bit rusty but I'm proud of her XD Ame can eat ANYTHING if she puts a bit of whipped cream on it.


Ame is a total tsunshun. She's hard as a rock, but inside she really cares about everyone. Ame is very stubborn and is definitely an introvert. She admires Rin Kagamine and wants to some day be able to sing by her side.


Hair color: White with pink neon ends, usually in a ponytail. Headgear: Cat ears Eye color: Blood red Accessories: Black eye patch on her left eye Dress: see design Nationality/Race: Human Favorite phrase: "Kitty needs attention meow..."

Voice Configuration

Yume is designed for Japanese language only. She does not have phonemes for other languages, though some can be improvised, but with rough results. Her voice data is written in romaji and hiragana.

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