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(Japanese: アミリア・チャンドラー)
Amelia - A German name that became popular in England after the German House of Hanover came to the British throne in the 18th century.

Chandler - An English occupational surname meaning “candle seller” or “candle maker” in Middle English.


Elky (Babysitter)

Chatter (Friend)

Rylan Mercier (Friend)

Aiden Mercier (Acquaintance)

AGE 127 (Appears to be 9) GENRE Horror, noise, grunge HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 46 lbs (21 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Threadbare teddy bear CREATOR Montblanc
HEIGHT 3'7" feet (110 cm) VOICE SOURCE Machine PICTURE LINK LIST deviantART
BIRTHDAY June 8, 1887 LIKES Herring, sweet pastries, helping out with everyday chores, playing with toys MEDIA LIST NONE
RELEASE DATE [TBA] DISLIKES Loud noises, being scolded or criticised, being ignored or left alone, lies, liars SIGNATURE SONG Pokkan Color
PERSONALITY: Despite her haunting appearance, Amelia is typically friendly and helpful, albeit mischievous at times. She is considerably shy around strangers, however, she tends to show a strong attachment to particular individuals, and will follow them around almost everywhere they go. Stressful scenarios can cause her to become particularly aggravated, to the point where she will tantrum, cry or leave the room.

Supplemental Information

Amelia a gift for susie by clearlymachine-d8bfo6e

Amelia's default design [art by Machine]

Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark grey
Dress/Outfit: Amelia is typically portrayed wearing a white Victorian-era nightgown, without any footwear.
Others: Due to a cataract, her left eye is light-grey and cloudy, with no visible pupil.
Nationality/Race: British/Ghost

Other Physical Information

  • Amelia has a short and somewhat frail build for her age, with a white complexion. She also has several 'monster' features - including small, shark-like teeth, and an extra eye on her forehead which is typically closed and appears as an abrasion. When opened, this eye has a magenta sclera, and the iris consists respectively of green and yellow rings around a black pupil.
  • In Spiralbound, Amelia's design differs significantly from that of her default outfit. She wears a white hospital nightgown covered in black polka dots, and a red medical eyepatch over her cataract-affected eye.
  • Being a ghost, she is able to manifest as another physical form, which is considerably more mischievous and destructive than her normal form. This form, named Malum, has a bright, psychedelic colour scheme; one eye instead of three; and a tail replacing her legs. Unlike her normal form, this form levitates and has the ability to fly.

Personal Quotes

  • “I don’t like it here, I want to go home…”
  • "Lyra, am I lost...?"
  • "Why doesn't Lyra like Rylan? He's really nice..."


  • Amelia was born in London, England during the Victorian era, and up until her death, was a member of a rich family.
  • Her death was caused by consumption (currently known as tuberculosis), which she contracted after playing with an infected stray dog.
  • Amelia currently lives with Lyra, who treats her as a younger sister-like figure.
  • Despite being a ghost, she cannot levitate (with the exception of her monster form). Although she can pass through some solid surfaces, it takes a considerable amount of effort for her to do so.
  • Before her death, Amelia's hair was considerably longer, and dark brown instead of black. According to her, Lyra was the one who cut it short.
  • Her favourite literary genre is fantasy, and her career dream is to become an author and teacher.
  • Amelia does not know how to use technological devices such as telephones, computers, remote controls or household appliances. One of her hobbies, according to her, is finding out how these devices work.
  • External profile

Voice Configuration


Voice Description: Sharp, bright, young soprano.
Recommended Resampler: tn_fnds
Recommended Flags: BRE0C10H10P90Y0
Pros- Has a rather unique-sounding voice, and a somewhat pleasant-sounding upper range.
Cons- Has a limited overall range, and in particular a weak lower range. Some issues with the oto.ini, as well as other factors beyond control, also result in some timing issues.

ACT2 [CV] - This bank is currently in the process of being otod and revised. [SAMPLE]

Voice Description: Sharp, strong, bright, young soprano.
Recommended Resampler: fresamp
Recommended Flags: BRE0C10H10P90Y0 [Anywhere from g-6 to g-10 is optimal]
Pros- Has a very powerful and expressive upper range, and a unique tonal quality.
Cons- Has a slightly muffled lower range.

SOFT [CV] - This bank is currently in the process of being otod and revised.

Voice Description: Soft, bright, young soprano.
Recommended Resampler: efb-gt
Recommended Flags: BRE0C10H10P90Y0g-5
Pros- Has a cute and airy sound, and a nice upper range.
Cons- Works only with one resampler, and has a slightly robotic sound.

Notable Works

Notable Covers

Planned Covers

  • Broken Music Box
  • Don't Look at Me in That Way
  • Invitation from Spooky
  • It's a wonderful world.
  • Mary Annette [remake]
  • Splatter Party
  • UFO
  • We Should Not Do Bad Things

Other Media


Amelia makes an appearance in Spiralbound, a currently in-development abstract horror game which uses RPGMaker VX Ace as its engine, and features Chatter and Elky as its protagonists. An artistic reference of her Spiralbound appearance will be added here soon.

Usage Clause and Guidelines

[As of 17th December 2014]

    • Please bear in mind that views and/or opinions expressed by this character may not necessarily reflect those of the creator.
    • Feel free to use her for whatever you’d like, as long as it is not offensive or degrading towards persons of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or political standing.
    • If considering using her for profitable purposes, please consult the creator.
    • Please do not use this character in R-18/explicit sexual content.
    • Other obscene expressions such as excessive gore are acceptable. However, please be sensible about posting obscene works on sites accessible by minors.
    • Please do not release/use her voicebanks under the name of another UTAU, or alter/edit the original files of her voicebanks in order to create a new voicebank.
    • Pair/”ship” her with whoever you’d like. However, if considering using her for roleplay/RP purposes, please consult the creator.
    • Redistribution is acceptable, as long as all of the original files - including the bank art, readme and character files - are included and unedited.
    • Any fanart, covers or depictions of her do not necessarily have to link back to the creator or the UTAU Wiki page. However, the creator does appreciate being notified, so that they can view and appreciate your work!
    • Feel free to edit the oto.ini if necessary.
    • Please do not claim her as your own.
    • If you have any issues with using her voicebanks, or if you have any other questions regarding her voicebanks or character, please contact the creator!

This article is written and certified true and correct based on verifiable information of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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