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Ameyami Mia

Mia and her banana milk
Japanese: 三矢 雨闇 - Mia Ameyami


Alias : Mio, Mei , Mi

NAME INTERPRETATION : Ameyami - Dark rain : Mia - Three arrows

Type : UTAUloid

Model : M8






WEIGHT 46 kg CHARACTER ITEM black iPhone 5S, plush kitten. CREATOR Alice


BIRTHDAY December 8 LIKES New Year, cats, all cute and fluffy, listen to music, bubbles, play computer, dream, star, magic, pudding, cakes,hugs MEDIA LIST  -

Juli 10, 2013

DISLIKES Lies, selfishness, annoying people, big companies, spicy food SIGNATURE SONG


PERSONALITY: From early childhood, Mia was always very cheerful, kind, responsive and independent girl. She lived in a large and happy family. Mia's father was a businessman, and his mother was a lawyer. Mia have a little sister and older brother. When Mia was 6 years old, her brother went to another city, what would be taught in an elite school. Very little sister missed her brother and their parents decided to encourage girls, buying them a kitten. Mia immediately came up with a funny nickname him and called him a donut (despite the fact that the kitten was a girl: D)  Two months later, after the departure of his brother girls have become accustomed to the fact that it is not present and not so much grieved. Parents, too, everything was fine. One large company invited the father of Mia at the meeting. Happy parents left and left Mia for the senior. Babes sat all day at home alone, and parents have not returned. The next day, Mia and her sister watched the morning news and learned that their parents were in an accident. Their hit by a truck, which was traveling at a decent speed. All day the girls could not calm down. Mia, like a older sister, little sister started to calm down and put him to bed her. Mia began on the morning before and cooked for breakfast cereal with milk. When everything was ready, she went to wake the little sister. Quietly entered the room the baby, Mia called softly little sister, but she did not respond. Going to bed Mia was horrified to find that her sister is dead. On the table beside her bed littered with various jars with pills and a bottle of syrup. It was clear that the baby drank a lethal dose of drugs.  Since that day, Mia stopped smiling, enjoy life and communicate with people. All the time she was sitting at home, all alone, and do not go out. Already 10 years growing darkness inside her that every day more and more oppressing her, pulls her into the abyss of depression and despair. Mia ceased to communicate with people because of their fear ... fear of losing a loved one. All people are not eternal and Mia is well aware of. She was afraid of with someone to chat and make friends, because someday that person will die, leaving Mia and she will have to relive the horror.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Pale lilac with black strands

Headgear: Cat ears

Eye color: yellow

Earphones: Yes (black)

Nationality/Race: Chinese


Was recently released Mia's act 3 voice :3

You can listen to some songs: 

God's an Energy Cheapskate :'s_an_Energy_Cheapskate.mp3

Canary :

Eh? Ah, sou :,_sou.mp3

Sky High :

Netgame Addicts :

Senbonzakura (ballad) :

Heavenly Bamboo Boat :天の笹舟.mp3

Celluloid :

I hope you like her voice! ^^ 

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