• Ana Joke Version 1
  • Ana Joke Version 2

Ana Joke is a female voicebank based off of Jumble's Voice.

Ana has a pet cat named Ono. Ono is a fat white she-cat. Ana's brother, Ene, does not sing, but scores when Ana sings from 1-10.

Relationships: Ene Joke: Brother Ono Joke: Pet Cat Tei Sukone: Idol Lero Hakigama: Rival Kasane Teto/Ted: Idol Calne CA/Idol

Character Traits:

Personality: Tsundere

Character Item: Watermelon

Number: 09

Specialties: Ana has a piano keyboard on her Left arm. She uses it to play music in the background as she sings.

Eye Color: Red

Character Color: Black, White, Grey


Ana has not yet been in any games. She is not a popular UTAUloid. Jumble is still working on her MMD Model.

Ana should be appearing in an upcoming indie game, "Sing To Your Hearts Content". She should be the main voice you sing from. The game is where you make her sing to the rhythm, like the Project DIVA series.


Ana has always wanted to meet some VOCALOIDs, UTAUloids and Fanloids. She has always wanted to meet Tei Sukone, Calne CA (Calne Calcium), Kasane Teto and Ted, and Hatsune Miku. Ana likes to make various songs based on true stories. Picture by kara Uchi ha.

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