Magnet Collab Anata Seiya by Elvi

(Japanese: アーナタ・イスメニ - Aanata Isumeni)
アーナタ (Anata) - Spawned from a typo of Ananta, meaning "infinite, endless" in Sanskrit, although "anata" (アナタ) means "dear" or "you" in Japanese.
イスメニ (Ismene) - Greek name meaning "knowledge"
TYPE: Databank/UTAUloid
MODEL: F417 (leet for "fail")
GENDER Androgynous (none) VOICE RANGE -being reconfigured- RELATED CHARACTERS Anna Ismene ("sister" by pitch modification)
Takis Ismene ("brother" by pitch modification)
Ruko Yokune(looks up to)
AGE 17 (assumed age, is actually an android, thus has none) GENRE undetermined HOMEPAGE Anata on dA
WEIGHT undisclosed CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed Grape Leaves CREATOR ElvishHobbit
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'5" (165.1 cm) VOICE SOURCE ElvishHobbit/EriBubby PICTURE LINK LIST See homepage
BIRTHDAY November 14, 1992 (using assumed age) LIKES Learning new things, Shakspeare, Friends, Music, Orchestras, Greek Food MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE December 22 DISLIKES Meat, Politics, Silence, Bugs SIGNATURE SONG N/A
PERSONALITY: Very curious to the point of almost naivety. Ey takes the words of others as a handbook for life and asks a lot of questions. Compassionate. Even though Anata has a hard time grasping the concepts of a lot of emotions, and often times can't place them, anyone close to eir means more than the world to eir. Ey's very open to new people even if ey can be a bit childish. Ey also has a habit of looking up anything asked about and will retain that information and spit out random facts no one needs.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Gray
Headgear: none
Eye color: Yellow
Earphones: Black/yellow earphones with fins
Dress: Green shawl over a gray cropped jacket/shirt worn over a green tank top. Dark blue hobo gloves and matching dark blue bell bottoms with black dress shoes.
Nationality/Race: Greek?
Story: Anata was not created originally to sing, but rather to be a knowledge/information bank with a voice to speak the answers. Unfortunately, Anata wanted to sing, and, even though ey doesn't mind being a storage bank, eir voice is often "broken" sounding when ey does try to sing. This fact can sometimes deter eir from trying to talk to people out of shame.

Voice Configuration

Anata's voice base was created by recording the provider's voice, lowering the pitch in audacity and using goldwave to add robotic effects. The voicebanks are currently undergoing complete revision due to issues with understanding them and missing constanants that got deleted unintentionally.

This page created by ElvishHobbit, the creator of Anata.

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