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Andrew / Andrea (Andrea is his nickname. People can write his name either way. Though Andrea is in quotation marks, like this: "Andrea" or like this: "アンドリア")

(Japanese: アンドルー (Andrew) アンドリア (Andrea))

NAME INTERPRETATION: Andrew: Just a normal name

Andrea: Just a female name



Creator: megalegozero

Gender: Male (Dresses and looks like a girl) | Voice Range: -----
GENRE: ----
Character Item: French Fry
Voice Source: megalegozero
Likes: Creepers, Doctor Who, french fries

Release Date: ----        | Dislikes: Being proven wrong

Preveiwed in this song with a fellow MEGACHIBILOID, CHIPloid:

PERSONALITY: A guy who just decided to dress up like a girl one day. He is a little annoying.

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