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Ankoku Kenmotsu
(Japanese: 献物暗黒 - けんもつあんこく - Ankoku Kenmotsu)

ALIAS: Anko <p> NAME INTERPRETATION:<p> 献物 (Kenmotsu; dedication)<p> 暗黒 (Ankoku; darkness)

GENDER Female/Futanari/Cis (90% female, 10% male) VOICE RANGE

D3-G5 (roughly)


Veronica (mother; died and became succubus)

Albino King

(father; all of his children are born albino)

Aoki Kenmotsu

(twin brother/clone/created by Rika & Natsuo)

Natsuo Kenmotsu

(younger brother)

Rika Kenmotsu


Nagisa Kenmotsu

(sister-in-law/clone's future wife)

Jin Kenmotsu


Yokuya Kenmotsu



(best friend)

Eku Makoto

(hangs out with sometimes)


(torture victim)

Aki Hantsuki




Goro Kenmotsu

(future husband/loyal slave)



WEIGHT 74.8427 kg (145 lbs + 20 lbs for wings/tail) CHARACTER ITEM




HEIGHT 182.88 cm (6'1" + 6" heels) VOICE SOURCE Kassandra/Misha (Aoki) PICTURE LINK LIST




Sword fighting, reading, flying, learning spells, high fashion, hunting humans , makeup, dogs




September 21, 2011


young boys/young guys, smoke, walking, waiting, dancing, over emotional people, animals (except dogs)


Crimson Fragments


Her anti social personality disorder allows her to commit crimes without psychological reprecussions for she does not possess a conscious and lacks empathy. She dominates and controls and becomes angry if she does not possess power in a situation. Deceptive and manipulative, Ankoku takes what she wants from people, uses them, and leaves them behind while her parasitic nature searches for another victim. <p><p>

A complete narcissist, Ankoku only acts in interest towards herself, admires herself, focuses solely on herself. She is a fashion designer because she feels superior in her tastes and styles and wants to show others she is to be admired and adored for her brilliance. <p><p>

Very childlike, Ankoku likes cute clothes, toys, items and accessories. She throws a fit if she does not get her way and will retaliate in immature ways. <p><p>

Ankoku is mostly verbally abusive and stealthy, but can easily become violent when provoked. She has excessive knowledge in sword fighting and owns many in her apartment. Also skilled with a knife, she collects and practices fighting in her spare time. <p><p>

Ankoku is fake - her personality is shaped by those around her - not her true personality of course, but the cover personality to seal up the monster inside. She is silent at first because she must learn to adapt to her environment in order to maintain her disguise. Ankoku trusts no one and backstabs whomever she needs to, although it tends to not be her supporters, however, they can become susceptible to an attack if Ankoku deems the situation to be appropriate. <p><p>

There is no love when it comes to Ankoku for she has never been able to empathize with another living being. Any type of "love" she claims to have is merely an obsession with another person. Obsessions can be for various reasons, for example; Ankoku can like someone/take an interest if she likes their appearance or behaviors. She finds it intriguing and feeds her mind by examining the person and learning more about them. Ankoku may like a person's character, but she does not feel or relate to them on any emotional level.<p><p>

OTHER:<p><p> Fantasy version: Ankoku was killed along with Natsuo and was reborn as a demon. She killed the princess (half sister) and took over her body. Ankoku decided she was going to rule and did what she could to eliminate competition. She tricked Natsuo into showing his hybrid demon form, which caused him to be exiled from the kingdom. Later she learned magic and showed her true form, murdering anyone who opposed her.<p><p>

Ankoku also practiced sword fighting with lightweight blades. Just like Aoki, she can fly, create small windstorms, screech and create small shockwaves, and breathe fire. Ankoku is sociopathic and very clean, organized and hardly lazy. She rules with an iron fist and deceives her allies into believing she cares about them, when in reality she would sacrifice anyone for her own personal benefit.<p><p>

Ankoku uses Goro (werewolf who killed 1 of her vampire cousins) as a pet and forced him to obey her. She doesnt love him since she doesnt love anyone, but she likes her "dog". Ankoku also likes Natsuo, but in a similar sense to Goro, although she's far more violent towards Natsuo, even going as far to hack off one of his arms.<p><p><p>

Human version: sociopathic, cruel, narcissistic, intelligent and only truly cares about herself. she made friends by being snotty and arrogant and only talks to those she deems worthy of her prescence. She works as a fashion designer, believing her tastes are the best and everyone should agree and praise her.<p><p>

Ankoku wants TaY to hang out with her and listen to her stories, gossip and other ideas. She is jealous of TaY's relationships because she wants her bff all to herself.<p><p>

She doesn't believe any man is worthy of her emotionally, but she will have sex with the really hot muscular ones. Ankoku cheats on all of her partners, often having multiple relationships at once for material reasons or higher status (feeds her ego).

Supplemental Information

Hair color: White, tends to look silver depending on the light

Headgear: Black crown with spikes sticking out

Hairdo: Side bangs covering right eye, spiked up/teased in the back and sides, long hair in the front tied in braids.

Eye color: Originally green, but now red.

Earphones: N/A

Nationality/Race: Japanese & American. Originally human, now demon.

Catchphrase: Watashi wa anata o korosu tsumoridesu. (私はあなたを殺すつもりです; I'm going to kill you.)

Favorite phrase: Kuso kurae! (くそ くらえ; screw you)<p>

Voice Configuration

Kana encoded/aliased<p> UTAU PC<p> Japanese<p> English (TBA)<p> All banks contain complete and accurate oto.ini files<p>

Terms of Use

Mature 18+ Works: Permission Not Required<p> Character Commercial Use: Permission Required<p> Voicebank Commercial Use: Permission Required<p> Derivative Characters or Voicebanks: Forbidden<p> Creation of violent or sexual content using Ankoku Kenmotsu is OK.<p> Creation of religious or political affiliation using Ankoku Kenmotsu is forbidden.<p> Anyone creating derivatives of Ankoku Kenmotsu is forbidden.<p> Redistribution of Ankoku Kenmotsu voicebank(s) is forbidden.<p>


Core VoicebanksExtends/Extention Voicebanks
Transparent ankoku by periodpearls-d86t527

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