Anne Karakuri

(Japanese: からくり ANNE)

からくり from Karakuri ningyō since she is a mechanical toy, an automaton.

TYPE: Fellow Bastardloid. The group was disolved since. MODEL: n/a
GENDER Agender, usually thinks about herself as a female. VOICE RANGE Without flags, from B2 to C5 RELATED CHARACTERS
AGE Born in 18th century GENRE Sounds better in slow songs HOMEPAGE

(discontinued) You can contact the creator on Tumblr

WEIGHT Unknown yet CHARACTER ITEM Wind-up key or gears CREATOR Rose Bleue [DA]
RELEASE DATE 2012 DISLIKES 'People stealing her wind-up key' SIGNATURE SONG Placeholder
PERSONALITY: Enjoys singing. Anne has some androgynous mannerims, but usually dresses and speaks as female.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: She is bald, but sometimes she uses wigs.

Headgear: She has no proper mouth or ears to speak of, she doesn't need a microphone, but she likes hats, since that prevents her metallic head to overheat.

Eye color: Her eyes are actually lamps.

Earphones: None

Dress: She likes velvet the most, but has several dresses.

Nationality/Race: Spanish Voice Source, automaton character created in France storywise.


She is an automaton, created somewhere in France around 18th century. Her mechanism stopped working and she lost her memory, but awoke again in 20th century, around 1991. If her wind-up key is stolen and her mechanisms stop, she would lose her memory and identity again. Can't sleep, procreate or eat, and her movements are pretty clumsy. Enjoys singing, specially for children.

Voice Configuration

Download link. Has a soft deep voice, but with use of flags can sing high notes too. Her voice is genderless in her default configuration .&nbsp At this moments, she can sing only in japanese, and her wavs are in Kana, but with romaji aliases.

A second version is planned, and two appends: Princess Append (more female sounding) and Prince Append (more male sounding).

Notable Songs

Following songs are edited and mixed by her voice provider, sans TOETO, collaboration with LauraMegurine

TOETO : Demo of her beta oto.ini

The Madness of Duke Venomania Bastadloids' Chorus: Sings MEIKO part.

The Person Who Loves a Demon : Second demo

Paradise of Light & Shadow : Demo of the fixed oto.ini & duet with Michael

Alluring Secret, Black Vow: Demo of her genderless state (since she is not using gender flags)

Fennec : Duet with Aria Cavatina

Usage Clause

RoseBleue (RoseBleueDuRosierSec in youtube) holds the copyright of this voicebank.

• Prior acknowledgment is not necessarily required when using this voicebank.

• Make sure to write the name of the voicebank when broadcasting works using this voicebank.

• Do not use it to create hateful or illegal content.

• Erotic or sexual explicit works are okay, when it’s respectful with underaged persons (artistic ages like in VOCALOID songs are okay), laws, and sites terms of use.

• Traditional religious songs, like carol or well known hymns are okay. Hateful or apologetic works are not.

• Do not redistribute this voicebank SPECIALLY for commercial purpose.

• For commercial uses of the voice, please contact the author.



Full body design


Anne boxart is abstract, modeled after VY1 and VY2 product boxes.

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