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(Japanese: 歌凛アンリ - かりんあんり - Karin Anri)
歌凛 (Karin; song + cool) - A name simply put together because of a nice pronunciation. Perhaps related to an aspiration of his.

アンリ (Anri) - A Japanese unisex given name. Jokingly called Henry by his creator and the creators' friends.

TYPE: ARAloid - (UTAUloids created by Ara/Aracchii)
MODEL: KA-20 (Initials paired with favorite numbers)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE G#3~C5 (Recommended VCV range)

F#3~C5 (Recommended ACT2 CV range)

RELATED CHARACTERS Nora Joumei (Cousin, fellow ARAloid)

Kazue Meguro (Boyfriend)

Taiki Sugiura (Best Friend)

WEIGHT 116 lbs (53 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Teal glowstick (His favorite type of light is a glowing one, and teal is his favorite color) CREATOR Ara (Aracchii)
BIRTHDAY July 20, 1999 LIKES Lights, glowsticks, "cool" colors, healthy foods, crossdressing, wiring, cooking MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE November 2nd, 2014 DISLIKES Junk food, darkness, dogs, being alone, being ignored, being taken care of SIGNATURE SONGS Ophelia (VCV)

Close to You (ACT2 CV)

PERSONALITY: Anri somewhat fills the role of the tsundere archetype. It reaches the point that he will become embarrassed and sputter around the person he cares for in question, still of course outwardly harsh and denying affections. He is very emotional and can tear up fairly easy, the cause be happy, sad, or otherwise. He is pretty critical of others and will certainly state his criticisms; he's truly bold. He complains and whines a lot. He has an almost predominate motherly nature, nagging and worrying and taking care of everyone else but himself a lot of the time. His feelings and thoughts tend to conflict or contradict a lot.

Supplemental Information

Anri Karin (Transparent)

Hair color: Light and pale strawberry blonde
Headgear: Black-rimmed visor with teal-tinted lenses
Eye color: Pink (a deep, hot pink)
Dress/Outfit: Wears a tight, black turtleneck as an undershirt, the sleeves only reaching down to half the forearm. Over it he has on a loose, eggshell-colored T-shirt stretched out enough at the open collar to sit tightly and securely at his shoulder. This shirt is decorated with a large, lit heart at the center with pink strips with little lights at the ends connected to it. There's also some miscellaneous wire-like light strings lining the strips. His shorts match the overshirt's base color, with the same pink colored cuffs with a string of a single light at the center front. He wears black boots that reach below the knee with white tongues and secured by velcro straps, with lights adorning each strap. They have pink soles, little light along the side, and a heart insignia on the tip of the tongue. Adorns black, fingerless gloves with a rectangular opening over the top of the hand.
Nationality/Race: Japanese, possibly some European heritage


  • Since I, the author, have redone this voicebank to an ACT2 CV and VCV with my newer microphone, until I upload those, Anri is going to stop being available for download. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  • For that reason, I am going to redo this section.
  • I would rather not have his ACT1 up for download again because of his lack of quality, so don't expect to see it back up.
  • I will update with his ACT2 CV first, and release the VCV when I'm done fine tuning his VCV oto.


  • The design on his shirt was made in collaboration with a friend (Mittsy), and was close to random.
  • The inside of the heart on his shirt (its depth only about a half an inch) is supposed to be reminiscent of a circuit board.
  • From the heart (rim) on his shirt to the small, velcro straps along his boots, his outfit lights up.
  • He's scared of the dark, which is why he is so attracted to lights.
  • He occasionally will indulge in a sweet snack if it's hard candy of some sort, no matter how much sugar it contains. It's his guilty pleasure.
  • Anri is the first ARAloid to be released despite being a more recent production. I'm just that proud of him.


Usage Clause

  • Do NOT claim this voicebank as your own. All credits go to the author (aracchii@tumblr/soundcloud).
  • Do NOT edit any of the samples in this voicebank and then claim as your own. This includes no making of Pitchloids or Fancharacters based off of this voicebank.
  • Do NOT copy the design of this character. Do not trace, edit, or recolor any official art of this character.
  • Do NOT make any roleplaying accounts or profiles without strict permission from the author (aracchii@tumblr/soundcloud).
  • Do NOT use this voicebank for any commercial uses.
  • Do NOT redistribute this voicebank unless in the event of it being unaccessible from the voicebank's official place of download. It would still be preferred if you did not redistribute, however.
  • You CAN use any official art for videos and songs made with this voicebank.
  • You CAN draw suggestive or mature-rated art of this voicebank's character.
  • Yo CAN show me, aracchii, anything you do with him! You can easily contact my blog , my Soundcloud, or can add me on my Skype, under the username 'misschibirai'.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character, ara (aracchii). The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice. Please be mindful of your edits.

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