(Japanese: アンチ, あんち, Anchi)

アンチ (Anti; Against/not something; English Language)

MODEL: -(negative)07



Fukai Nekone: Voicesource; dislikes greatly

Fukasa Nekone: Dislikes, stalks frequently

Taiya Inune: Befriended

Taiyo Inune: Dislikes

AGE 16 GENRE Soft, slow paced Aria-type music HOMEPAGE

Official Tumblr



Official blog

WEIGHT 129 lbs (58 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cherries, a watering can CREATOR EspeonLady

Fukai Nekone: (Parent Voicebank)

EspeonLady: (Voicesource)



BIRTHDAY November 5th, 1995 LIKES

Stalking, Cherries, Gardening, Sweet food, sneaking around, Trucker Radios, 24-7 gas stations

RELEASE DATE November 11, 2010 DISLIKES Traffic, Sleep, long lines, waiting, Fukai and Taiyo, Cold weather, Pomegranates, boredom. SIGNATURE SONG UNKNOWN

PERSONALITY: Neurotic, and a bit sociopathic, flighty and easily bored. Not at all a Yandere, or a part of popular Japanese personality types. She's just a bit....standoffish. She does enjoy gardening, and going to gas stations at early hours of the night and talking to truckers. She detests sleep, and finds several things to occupy her. She can't cook, and finds books boring. The complete opposite of Fukai, her alter ego. She detests her, and the face she came from her voice. She dislikes Taiyo for an unknown reason. Oddly enough, gets along well with Taiya, and is usually her lackie. She is obsessed with Fukasa for an unknown reason. Generally disliked or feared. Inside, she's misunderstood.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Light Grey
Headgear: Green Cat-ears; blue earrings
Eye color: Green and Blue, heterochromatic
Earphones: Dark Grey and Blue
Dress: Inversed from Fukai Nekone; Light Grey, Grey, White, Blue, Green, Light Blue, Red; Light Grey tail-coat, Light Grey and Green skirts , Light-Grey and Blue sleeves, Red and blue boots, and Black and White striped stockings.
Nationality/Race: Unknown

Creation and History

A "troll of a troll" if you will. (Speaking in the sense of Fukai, who is considered to an extent as a "joke" UTAU)

Was considered a failed UTAUloid at one point.

Voice Configuration

Anti-Fukai is derived from Fukai Nekone's set voicebank, using g-20

Usage Clause

Anti's voice is not a "Pitchloid"; i.e. Songs pitched up or down in mixing software, etc. She is rendered by the flags above to create her voice. Anti is used from Fukai Nekone's voicebank, and I don't allow any changes to be made to her voicebank either. All pitchloids using either Fukai's or Anti's persona is against the terms of use. All terms and settings of derivative characters apply here, also adhering to the UTAUloids' Usage Policy.

This page, along with the other ESPloid pages are generally managed by EspeonLady; In the case of Taiyo and Taiya, occasionally verified by Charzinicor, their sole voicesource. All edits are to be done with care. This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

I do encourage use of her and Fukai. Fan art, and fanfiction is also welcomed, and greatly appriciated. Just credit EspeonLady whenever you're doing something.

ESPloid Project

The ESPloid project is a group of five UTAUloids at the moment, generally voiced (With the exception of Taiyo Inune, and Taiya Inune) by EspeonLady, all managed and produced by her as well. There are currently three parent voicebanks, and two voicebank derivatives. It's possible for future ESPloids to be released.

Fukai Nekone


Fukasa Nekone

Taiyo Inune

Taiya Inune

Notable Works

UTAU Original- Anti-Fukai's fifteen seconds of fame.

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