(Japanese: 青ルネラー)

青ル (Aoru; a mixed word of blue from 2 languages)

ネラー (Kneller; a German surname)-former Kutami

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE E3~A4 RELATED CHARACTERS HERMA Sinfonietta Tachibana (friend)
Crystal (friend)
AGE 26 (Psychically) GENRE Fast paced/tempo songs, Techno, Electronica, EDM, etc. HOMEPAGE WORK IN PROGRESS
WEIGHT 54kg(119lbs) CHARACTER ITEM Mop CREATOR Officer Diana Personal YT
Official YT
DA Soundcloud
BIRTHDAY December 29th 19XX LIKES Beers, being lazy, getting drunk, battleships, cleaning jobs, comic books. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE,SOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE 29 December 2013 DISLIKES Sharks, salty food, Communism, being forced. SIGNATURE SONG Life Reset Button
PERSONALITY: Known for being extremely clumsy, lazy and very unlucky(always bring bad luck to others too). Also a troll and a playful girl. She's insensitive and doesn't care about stepping on other peoples’ toes, this makes her rude. It's because she's lack feelings thus, she couldn't understand the emotions of others. Furthermore, she's an extrovert, loves making new friends and jokes. All she wants is just fun. 

Supplemental Information


Aoru Kutami.(full)

Hair colour: Black.

Headgear: Grey sailor hat-like that written KRIEGSMARINE with a blue ribbon.

Eye colour: Blue.

Outfit: A modified Kriegsmarine uniform with shorts.

Her name was changed to Kneller because Kutami sounds awkward/weird, it's better not to ruin Japanese words.

Voice Configuration

Aoru's voicebank supports both Hiragana and romaji. She only has CV voicebank for now, a tripitch VCV voicebank is currently being working on.

Aoru is planned to have a voicebank that support English, German, Malay, Mandarin.

  • UFFER ACT 1 CV-JAPANESE (UFFER is a voicebank with sweet and cute voice however this voicebank stays private, one must to contact the author in order to download it.)

     *UFFER means shore in German.        

  • PETTY ACT1 CV-JAPANESE (PETTY is a remastered voicebank of NATIVE which is an original/natural voicebank recorded in the voicer's matured voice.)

*PETTY is taken from the word PETTY OFFICER.      

  • [W.I.P]WELLEN ACT1 VCV-JAPANESE (WELLEN is a tripitch voicebank that contains C4, E4, G4.)

       *WELLEN means wave in German.            

Usage Clause

Please follow these rules, or this voicebank might be ended if the same user has break these rules for THREE TIMES.

  • You can freely edit the oto.ini.
  • Don't claim her as yours.
  • Please credit me when you use her. 
  • Ask me first for commercial uses.
  • R-18 and offensive stuffs are always welcomed.
  • You can do many deriatives as much as you want but please credit.
  • Distribution is denied.
  • Role-playing is free to be used.

All of article here are truly written and proved by the author. Any edits or changes must be asked for permission first. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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