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Name : Ukira Aotsuki


Ukira a character for the synthesizer you free UTAU

Developer: Caro Sanh

VC: Caro Sanh

Release date: 11/10/2013

gender : Female

Optimal range : c4

Features character

Female gender

Age : 17-18 approx.

Height: 1.60 m

Personality : it has personality , but you can take it as a calm and cheerful girl

Eye color: burgundy

Hair Color : Black

Accessories : has a small hearing aids, and purple fingerless gloves .

The wristband has the configurators a flag and another choice of vc and engines ( rensample , ext . )

Clothing : long shirt pose a pale lilac with endings purple and black leggings .

Footwear: Use blue canvas slippers .

Extras: usually wears a blue cap poleron

Related Characters: Urik Aotsuki ( g + 20 )

It can be taken as a brother or opposite gender


Terms of Use

Use the vancos from you at your own risk and trial ordered according to standards

Impersonating provider voice and / or plagiarism copyright is prohibited.

I redistribute the original download link allowed the developer will not respond or liable for use the indevido

Commercial use without authorization is prohibited developer

VC basic

Language: Japanese + extras phonemes

Type: CV ( consonant- vowel)

Writing : hiragana and romaji

download facebook page

Concep art ukira aotsuki by caro sanh-d9dfxu6

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