キミョナ アライグ
キミョナ: Strange

アライグ: Short Version of "Araiguma" Raccoon

TYPE: Project キモチ
GENDER Male (Sometimes CrossDresser) VOICE RANGE C~4 - C~5 RELATED
Kitsu Suteki (Close Friend)

Shepa Sekushi (Close Friend)

Neku Yasashi (Close Friend)

Okame Odayaka (Close Friend)

Akito Shinkoku (Close Friend)

Chita Azayaka (Close Friend)

Kume Atataka (Close Friend)
AGE 15 GENRE Depends If The Voice Fits The Genre. HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Banoffe Pie CREATOR Dolcεloid
HEIGHT (164 cm) VOICE SOURCE エミリアノ PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY May 23 LIKES Soda, Pranks, Comics, Cookies, Jellybeans, Sleeping, Make-up, High-Heels, Shiny Things, VideoGames, Movies, Handkerchiefs, Mango Juice, Ice Cream MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE Not Released Yet. Coming Soon. DISLIKES Running, Any Sexual Activity Related , Gender Confusion, Drugs, Excercise, Failing At Love, Homework, Stereotypes, Athletes SIGNATURE SONG Tetrodotoxin Synthesizer No.2
ADDITIONAL INFO: Araigu is a clumsy yet playful boy who loves to make pranks on others. He can be very innocent at times such as not knowing anything about sexual activities. He likes to get deep into character to the point where he can become a crossdresser in order to perform better, reason why he is sometimes called weird. He is often clasified as a Dojikko boy in Project キモチ.

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