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Arano's full body (got his arms cut off, that's why he got lighter color ones)

TYPE: UTAUloid/FURloid MODEL: ∆±

Japanese Pronounciation: ああロン ヴェクシナ

GENDER Male VOICE RANGE E2~A4  RELATED CHARACTERS Mido Rikuma ("brother who adopted him")
AGE 13 3/4 GENRE Mostly Engrish/French/Yandere songs HOMEPAGE None

Inflatable hammer (not Yandere)

Bear Heart (Yandere)

CREATOR Juutetsu
HEIGHT 5' 2 VOICE SOURCE Juutetsu PICTURE LINK LIST (Lineart made, but idk the maker...)
BIRTHDAY 13/12/A Year LIKES Rolled-Over Animals, Streets, Fresh Plastic Smell MEDIA LIST -------------
RELEASE DATE XX XX, 201X DISLIKES World Peace, People With Feelings, Cookies  SIGNATURE SONG Hide & Seek French Version

PERSONALITY: Not many persons know about him, since he actually is not real! Arano is a mind  creation of Mido, his dark side and secrets. His voice is actually when Mido sleeps, then Arano wakes up in his mind and takes his place for 8 hours. He despites every single person Mido meets each day, and wishes to die. Being a second personnality, Arano is silent, hidden in The Dark and never bother a thing out of place. Pictured as a blue Wolf with toxic eyes and hair. DON'T tell he's 13!!

Headgear: none

Clothes: none

Nationality: Accorded to Mido, from Tokyo...

Voicebank: Thanks to someone, I got a ZIP file done!

The VB name is still Aaron Vexina Main VCV.

Link (on MediaFire):

ATTENTION: Please, do use g-10 flag on the voicebank! My voice was weird at record time so it's not as I wanted, but g-10 is perfect! Go from g-10 to g-17 depending the song!

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