Comission 41 by soyunpandaoni-d7pe4xv
First, I feel my English is terrible.

trival aruba is a free voice synthesizer utau 

apparently is 15, really 168 (approx.) 

unknown genre 

image gallery ->

Zlayfer suteki and trival aruba animoid 02 by ladyrikku123-d67aqyq 

Aruba ACT1 with Zlayfer Suteki 

Aruba trival happy birthday rin act2 version 3 by icoco1997-d6rbmgg 

aruba act2 

character: mild mental disorder in acts 1 and 2, severe in ACT3 is cold to most people except Axel and Zlayfer (other utaus) saves a tremendous amount of secrets that people should not know. 

HISTORY: Aruba was born into a wealthy family of high rank, which already had a son and heir, so his daughter donated to a laboratory to increase their veneficios. Aruba estubo captive for 12 years until he devised a plan to ow where their captivating murderer. That gave him a mental / bipolar disorder. It should be mentioned that because of these experiments Aruba used to not get sick, and only perish if someone kills her. 

Aruba was found with Axel on an icy stormy night, behaving almost like a beast contact was nil all night, however, from the outset, both as Aruba Axel knew that debian continue their journey together, so decided to take Axel her new friend like a sister and care for her, which caused even Aruba came to love this new girl he had known, but their increasing psychological bipolar disorder. 

It continues the story in his act2 when axel aruba and join a call fanloid Mykuri Hatsune ANIMOID thus forming the group which was later joined Zlayfer Suteki, Tando conquis to Aruba and helping her out of her bipolar illness and psychological and obsessive. Time after and in a strange way aruba WAS contracted a virus that nearly caused his death 


Aruba ACT3 in beta form, has not yet been released this act 

Finally momentarily for now, as ACT3 Aruba acausa totally crazy virus is conporta saying things like "They are like normal people do not know she's dead" or "no one knows the secret hiding my dark wings." 


- In principle finjia be Rin Kagamine and voice attributed fanloid 

- Despite the realistic character of his group utaus, as ACT3 its true origin is revealed, she is an angel 

-it has no gender or unknown 




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