Aruno Kiruya

This is my first UTAU and I can't OTO it as of late. This is a minor technical glitch, but I'm working on it. The voicebank is complete. I just need to smooth out some minor computer issues.

Key Information

MEANING OF NAME: Unknown, I just made it up. XD

Genre: Any

Gender: female

Age: 24

Birthday: 6/14/1989

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 112.3

Model: /-30-\

Related: Jorudan Kamiru (BFF), TRAP Oji (friend), Kodomo Byouki (friend), Ponpochi Kyuru (boyfriend), Aruno Hyusho (little brother)

Personality: fiery, vivacious, bold, blunt, mischievous, open-hearted, happy, awkward, silly, kind, caring, loving, semi-reclusive

Likes: hanging out with her friends, hobbits, anime, Vocaloid/UTAU, Fruit Adventure Tic-Tacs, bubble gum, chocolate, paragliding, animals, singing, songwriting, crafting, drawing, storywriting, acting, dancing, fixing, fiddling, tinkering, fooling around, and cat ears

Dislikes: bad breath, rude boys, perverts, mean people, and pretty much anyone who falls under the category of "setting a bad example for Hyusho."

Character Item: iron staff with a Bohrian model of an atom made of gold at the very center of the nucleus and welded to the top. The nucleus is made of diamonds representing the neutrons and emeralds representing the protons. These jewels are set into the gold ball. The electrons are represented by rubies and their circular orbits are silver bands expertly interwoven through the gems in the nucleus.

Clothing: pink t-shirt, gray leopard-spotted hoodie, jeans, combat boots, neko headphones w/ mic, oversized sunglasses

Looks: green hair, bright blue eyes, light colored skin, large scar running down back of calf (hidden by jeans), pink streaks in hair, pink-and-blue patterned nail polish (she wears green-and-purple patterned polish on her toes, but few people know that)

Release Song: PoPiPo


Creator: MechaMangaMonkey

Voice Resource: MechaMangaMonkey

Voice Range: C4/C5... Maybe.

Voice-Recording Software: AudaCity

Special thanks to: AcesBlitz for being my best friend, telling me about this, sending me a picture of the necessary voicebank sounds, and showing me how to do "the clicky stuff!" XDXDXD

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