Ase HD

(アセろね Ase Rone)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Ase - unisex Hebrew name meaning "doctor"

Roni - unisex Hebrew name meaning "my song"

Ase Roni - can be interpreted as "my doctor's song"

TYPE: 7loid - Sloth



Nair Harmonia

Rael Taberusyn

Redd Cylix



Munair Harmonia


7th Layer of Shit

WEIGHT 4551.799 kg CHARACTER ITEM Bottle of anti-plastic CREATOR Illisandria Carthain
HEIGHT 183.88 cm VOICE SOURCE Illisandria Carthain PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantArt


LIKES The Doctor , the TARDIS MEDIA LIST Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE N/A DISLIKES The Nestene Conciousness , being controlled, the Vortex SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Being an Auton, Ase has no set personality past xier likes and dislikes. Therefore, xe is pliable into almost any (see Usage Clause) situation.

Supplemental Information

Ase Roni

Ase full body

Hair Color: Ginger

Eye Color: Grey

Outfit: Wears a dark grey jumper, a replica of the 5th Doctor's coat, black dress pants. red Chucks, and a blue scarf. (Core)

Wears a sparkling blue tuxedo, white saddle oxfords, dark grey cravat, and holds on to a replica of the 7th Doctor's umbrella.

Nationality/Race: Auton

Voice Configuration

Ase's core bank is designed for the English language using Cz's Unstringed Full English reclist. Xe cannot be downloaded yet but is almost finished. Xier oto is being completed by meta.

Ase BROADWAY is designed for the English language using cdra's Stringed Full English reclist. Xe has 3 pitches: agender (core), male (chest), and female (head). BROADWAY is meant to imitate how people belt showtunes (albiet more on-key). Xe is fully recorded but not otoed yet.

Voicebank DownloadsEdit

None yet.

Usage ClauseEdit

This bank can be used for anything except:

  • songs that bash any people for their religion, orientation, or any other thing
  • songs that are intentionally created to troll/flame/start shipping wars/etc;
  • stealing an calling your own
  • redistributing without permission\
  • commercial works due to the fact that Ase is based off of BBC One's Doctor Who, which is copyrighted

Upcoming Voicebanks

  • Ase Roni (almost finished)
  • BROADWAY append (recorded)

Important Information

I did not rip Ase's VB from the show Doctor Who. This is my voice doing my own thing. If it just happens to sound like someone off of Doctor Who it is purely coincidence.

Also, this information is subject to change at any time and is certified by the creator.

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